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Kegel Balls

Perhaps during sex play, your spouse has recommended employing vaginal balls. They may have been brought up in a joke or as the punchline in a vulgar film.

Perhaps a feature in your preferred magazine explained how to include them in your pelvic floor exercises. Or maybe you're just interested. Whatever your motivation, it's crucial to research before exploring the world of kegel balls!

Kegel balls are an addition to the classic kegel exercise. They are also referred to as yoni eggs, kegel eggs, jade eggs, vaginal weights, vaginal cones, or some other version.

Studies have found that strengthening the pelvic floor can be done by contracting and releasing the muscles. This can be achieved through a series of exercises. These exercises involve tightening and then relaxing the muscles in the pelvic floor area.

By consistently practicing these exercises, individuals can improve the strength of their pelvic floor muscles. If you don't exercise your pelvic floor muscles with traditional Kegels or devices like kegel balls, they will atrophy over time.

What are kegel balls?

Kegel balls are ubiquitous and available in many dimensions, patterns, and hues. Most vaginal tightening balls help make the pelvic floor muscles stronger, but not all of them are the same." However, what precisely are kegel balls?

Kegel balls are small objects that are usually round or egg-shaped. They are placed inside the vaginal canal, have a gentle weight, and are meant to stay in place.

Kegel balls provide resistance that makes the body use pelvic floor or vaginal muscles to keep them in place. This helps strengthen these muscles. The resistance from the balls helps improve muscle tone and control.

Using Kegel balls regularly can lead to better bladder control and stronger pelvic muscles. Theoretically, strength can be developed over time through increased blood flow and muscle engagement.

Having stronger pelvic floor muscles can improve bladder control, vaginal health, natural lubrication, orgasms, and sexual pleasure. It can also help prevent other issues. It makes sense that individuals would want to know how to utilize kegel balls and when they may obtain them.

How Do Kegel Balls Work?

Kegel balls have advantages that extend beyond their sexual properties. In addition to providing a fantastic massage for your vaginal muscles, which increases sensitivity to sexual stimuli and intensifies orgasms, these balls help tighten your pelvic floors, preventing diseases like prolapse of the pelvic organs and urine incontinence.

Kegel balls act as weights that you must lift with your pelvic floor muscles. Indeed, girl. Consider Kegel exercises as a vaping workout. 

Types of kegel balls and what they're made of

More vaginal balls are starting to be sold as kegel exercises, pelvic floor training, and sexual wellness gain popularity. Determining which ones are secure and efficient can be challenging because not all of them are made equally. 

Various materials, including stone, metal, and plastic, are used to make weighted balls, which are touted as an efficient tool for building stronger pelvic floor muscles. Let's look at some popular vaginal tightening balls on the market. Not all of them are secure and efficient, so it's important to choose carefully.

Yoni Balls

Yoni balls, sometimes called yoni eggs, are a type of kegel weight consisting of crystal, aventurine, rose quartz, and jade. Users strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by inserting them into the vagina and staying there for hours at a time. A prolonged length of muscle contraction, however, may be detrimental to the pelvic floor.

Many women have asked if yoni balls are safe to use. The truth is, despite their beauty, stones of any kind are not safe for your intimate area.

Because they are porous, they can be hard to clean. This can increase a woman's risk of developing a pelvic infection. Furthermore, they usually lack the necessary bulk and lightness to build muscle effectively.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls, also known as Geisha balls, are round balls made of metal. They come in different weights and sizes to fit your needs." Ben wa balls function similarly to yoni balls in that women are advised to immerse them for prolonged periods to develop their pelvic floor muscles.

Does the pelvic floor get stronger with Ben Wa balls? Currently, none of the Ben wa balls on the market are FDA registered. This means it is impossible to know their composition or if they have undergone safety testing. Furthermore, they frequently lack the muscle-building bulk and, if left in for an extended time, may even be harmful to the pelvic floor.

Certain alloys may contain harmful metals that can be dangerous to your health. These metals can be especially dangerous when they are inside the body. Ben wa balls can be difficult to retrieve because they are lightweight and do not have an exterior removal thread.

Plastic Kegel Balls

Vagina balls, or plastic kegel balls, are easily found on the market and are less expensive and lighter than their metal counterparts. Many different sizes, forms, materials, and usage instructions are available. In most cases, women are told to place them in the vagina and keep them there for a long time.

These solutions are not FDA-registered and are typically constructed from less expensive, lower-quality materials. Kegel balls may have harmful chemicals that can irritate sensitive tissues. This repeated exposure to toxins can increase the risk of cancer. They are also challenging to clean due to their different shapes and materials, which increases the possibility of infection.

Say hello to a new type of kegel weight: Kegelbell.

The next-generation method for performing pelvic floor exercises is the Kegelbell Vagina GymTM. Set aside all of your prior knowledge of kegel weights. The most significant weight available for pelvic floor training was that of Kegelbells, which were the first to be externally weighted. 

With its special design and added weight, women can target the right muscles in just five minutes, three times a week. Women can now safely and efficiently tone their pelvic floor muscles in as little as two weeks and experience noticeable results.

With no chance of irritation and no harmful colorants or additives, the Kegelbell insert fits more securely and comfortably thanks to its soft, medical-grade silicone construction. The starter package comes with two different size inserts. It also includes a variety of weights, with eight possible weight combinations.

These tools will help you gradually build muscle in 30g increments. You can achieve this through a range of workouts.

The bulb's ease of cleaning decreases infection risk. That's better than any vibrating hoo-ha insert fashioned like a strawberry.

How to prepare Kegel Balls?

While you should play hard, we also want you to be cautious. Make sure to wash the love balls before using them. This applies to all of your beloved toys. By keeping them clean, you can prevent unintended consequences like STIs and the transmission of bacteria if you share toys.

Your love balls can be cleaned with a bit of soap and lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can thoroughly disinfect using Toy Cleaners.

How to Insert Kegel Balls for Women?

You can now put your love balls in your vag after you're sure they're hygienic. And don't forget to proceed slowly. You must be "wet" at this point for the insertion to be comfortable.

You can first treat yourself to a nice massage or watch porn. Do whatever it takes to pique your interest. Or you can use lube if you don't have time for that.

Alternatively, how about taking the balls in your mouth first and moistening them with your saliva, as Ana did in Fifty Shades of Grey? It's also important to remember that the removal loop stays outside of your vagina. It is there to make popping the balls out simple.

How to Remove Kegel Balls?

Limiting how long you keep the balls in your body to six hours is best. However, the composition of the balls you use and your body chemistry can sometimes affect that. We advise you to seek wise counsel from your physician.

Removing them isn't a challenging task. Spread some lubricant on your vagina after lying down comfortably if your love balls have a detachable string. Pull on the loop or rope to gradually loosen the balls until they all come free.

You must adopt a stance where your feet are a little broader than your hips for separated love balls. After bending your legs to a comfortable squat position, squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out.

How to Use Kegel Balls Execcises?

People mainly use Kegel balls to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, but they can also use them for intercourse. An introduction to how to utilize this tool for sexual well-being is provided below.

For Pelvic Floor Exercises

Your vagina may become "loose" due to factors like weight gain, pregnancy, aging, heavy lifting, and straining. You can strengthen your pelvis and prevent a sagging vagina by using weighted Kegel balls. These balls target and work out the right muscle area. Strengthening this area can help improve pelvic health and prevent issues related to vaginal sagging.

So, how do you exercise your pelvis using Kegel balls? Identifying which muscles you need to contract is the first thing you should accomplish. The most straightforward approach to achieve this is to stop and take a urinal quickly. During Kegel exercises, you must contact the same pelvic floor muscles you tighten to stop your urine flow.

You can start working as soon as you've determined which muscle groups they belong. Tighten the area where the Kegel balls are located and hold there for around five seconds. Next, let your muscles rest for five seconds. Make sure you do this at least five times.

Start with two Kegel balls, each weighing around 15g. From there, you can progressively increase the number of Kegel balls by giving them additional weight.

Kegel balls with silicon holsters and different ball weights are available for purchase. In this manner, switching the weighted balls from lighter to heavier is simple.

For Sexual Activities

Kegel balls are adequate for enhancing sexual pleasure, but it's best to use them before intercourse rather than during it. These balls provide you with incredible internal sensations that are a perfect build-up to sex. Before you leave the house, get them inside of you. Wearing them in public poses no issues because they are discrete toys.

You have to move about with Kegel balls to benefit from all of their sex-related advantages truly. You can jog, walk, climb stairs, or even go rowing. As you go about your day, you can feel them swaying around inside of you and caressing you in the most delectable ways.

You will undoubtedly get hot once you have some alone time. Squeeze your pelvic muscles to intensify the sensation if you're playing alone. Then, to complete the task, get out your reliable vibrator.

When utilizing it with a partner, you can let your partner insert his penis while you keep the balls inside of you. However, only proceed if you feel sufficiently at ease.

The most delightful feelings will be produced when the balls move around and strike your vaginal muscles. You can leave the balls inside while your spouse gets you from behind if anal is your thing. It amps up the excitement of using your backdoor. The pressure of anal insertion also stimulates your G-spot.

Are Kegel Balls Safe?

Kegel balls are generally regarded as safe to use. However, there are a few things to consider to ensure you don't have any negative consequences.

Recall that you should only squeeze for five to ten seconds at a time. Your vaginal muscles could become strained if you squeeze for longer than is advised. This could result in a transient strain. You must also clean your Kegel balls before and after use to prevent infection.

How Long Do You Keep a Kegel Ball in?

Kegels don't require a kegel ball; they are simply a muscular contraction. To understand kegel exercises, alternate between contracting and relaxing to improve the pelvic floor and gradually increase muscle tone.

Kegel balls and weights that require you to hold them in and walk about with them for hours are cause for concern. Overusing pelvic floor training equipment can cause the muscles to become overstretch and not relax properly after contracting. No, I'm grateful.

Certain brands advise people to leave their gadgets in place for up to six hours. However, if you leave hefty kegel balls inside your vagina for an extended amount of time, your pelvic muscles will have to contract harder to support the weight. Both your obliques and your quadriceps will not benefit from this kind of prolonged contraction, nor will your vajayjay.

On the other hand, items that are excessively light or have strange shapes, like kegel eggs, won't assist you with using the right muscles. If instructions are included at all, they falsely suggest that users wear them inside the vaginal canal for extended periods. Not a good idea!

Constantly contracting a muscle results in cramps, which in turn causes hypertonic tightness. If you spend hours using kegel balls, you should see a pelvic floor physical therapist so that the tense muscles can be worked out. 

What should I do with those kegel balls that are junk? We recommend making Christmas tree ornaments out of them or giving them to a cat to play with.

And what substances might be present in products made of metal or plastic? Toxins are more likely to enter your body the longer a product is in contact with your delicate feminine parts. A kegel ball kept in the vagina for hours can also be a busy breeding ground for infection because bacteria prefer warm, moist environments.

How to properly clean your Kegel Balls?

It's crucial to keep your Kegel balls clean to avoid bringing in dangerous bacteria from outside your vagina. Submerge the Kegel balls in warm water after using them.

You can use antibacterial hand soap for kegel balls made of silicone. After cleaning them with soapy water, rinse them off with water.

To store them, first let them dry. After wiping extra water with a towel, let it air dry. To prevent contamination, store them separately from your other sex toys.

How to Choose the Right Kegel Balls for You?

It's time to discover how to pick the best love balls for you now that you know how to use and clean them correctly.

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