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Kegel Balls

Perhaps your significant other has floated the idea of incorporating vaginal spheres into your intimate explorations. Perchance you've encountered their mention amidst films' narratives, or as the climactic twist in risqué humor. Conceivably, a publication you favor has elaborated on their utility in augmenting exercises aimed at fortifying the pelvic foundation. Or it could be that sheer curiosity beckons you. Regardless of the catalyst, acquiring knowledge before embarking on a journey into the realm of kegel spheres is paramount.

Kegel spheres—alternatively recognized as yoni orbs, kegel orbs, jade orbs, vaginal counterweights, or vaginal pyramids—serve to amplify the conventional kegel regimen. This regimen entails a repetitive sequence of tensing and relaxing the muscles constituting the pelvic base, a practice empirically validated to bolster the pelvic foundation. Absent regular engagement through conventional kegels or the adjunctive support of apparatuses like kegel spheres, the pelvic floor muscles are prone to gradual deterioration.

In today's wellness and intimate health markets, Kegel balls manifest in various dimensions, configurations, and hues. Though diverse in their make-up, the primary aim shared by these vaginal fortification spheres is the enhancement of pelvic floor muscle strength. But what constitutes kegel balls at their core?

Predominantly, kegel balls are diminutive, often spherical or oval gadgets, imbued with a slight heft, designed for insertion into the vaginal passage where they are meant to be retained. A joint inquiry pertains to their mechanism of action: "How do kegel balls function?" The principle behind their operation involves the generation of resistance, compelling the body to activate the pelvic floor or vaginal musculature to keep them in place, thereby averting their descent. This muscular activation and an uptick in blood circulation are conjectured to foster athletic grit over time.

Enhanced pelvic floor musculature is synonymous with intensified orgasms and sexual gratification—a duo among the more exhilarating perks—alongside improved bladder command, vaginal revitalization, augmented endogenous lubrication, and a suite of prophylactic benefits. Consequently, it's understandable why there's burgeoning curiosity regarding using kegel balls and eagerness to acquire them.

In the expanding domain of sexual wellness, kegel exercises, and pelvic floor strengthening, the proliferation of vaginal balls in the marketplace is noticeable. However, discerning which varieties are safe and productive, given their varied composition and claims, poses a challenge.

Weighted spheres come in materials ranging from plastic to metal and even stone, each advocating for its effectiveness in fortifying pelvic floor muscles. Yet, the truth is that not all types of vaginal tightening balls meet safety and effectiveness standards. Let's delve into some of the most prevalent options available.

Yoni Balls

Crafted from materials such as jade, rose quartz, aventurine, crystal, Yoni balls, or eggs, they are advocated for their supposed pelvic floor strengthening capabilities through prolonged insertion. Despite this, extended muscle contraction could weaken the pelvic floor instead of supporting it. The allure of Yoni balls' aesthetics belies their impracticality; their porous nature makes them difficult to sanitize and poses a risk for pelvic infections. Furthermore, their bulkiness and insufficient weight make them ineffective muscle strengtheners.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa, or Geisha balls, typically metallic, are offered in various sizes and weights. Like Yoni balls, the practice involves extended insertion for pelvic floor strengthening. The absence of FDA registration for Ben Wa balls raises their composition and safety uncertainties. Additionally, their lightweight may not be conducive to muscle building, and prolonged use could harm the pelvic floor. The potential inclusion of harmful alloys in metals and the challenge of retrieval due to the absence of an external string further complicate their use.

Plastic Kegel Balls

As a more economical and lighter option, plastic kegel balls vary in size, shape, and usage instructions. However, the need for more FDA registration and using inferior materials raises concerns about their safety. The presence of harmful plastics and dyes may irritate sensitive tissues and increase cancer risk with repeated use. The diversity in design complicates cleaning, elevating the infection risk.

Introducing Kegelbell

The Kegelbell Vagina Gym™ emerges as a revolutionary approach to pelvic floor exercises. Unlike traditional kegel weights, Kegelbell boasts an external weighting system, making it the heaviest option. This unique design allows for targeted, efficient workouts—five minutes daily, three times a week. The medical-grade silicone insert ensures a safe, comfortable fit free from irritants and harmful substances. The starter kit offers a variety of weight combinations and insert sizes for progressively challenging exercises, promising noticeable results within two weeks. Its ease of maintenance further reduces infection risks, setting a new standard in pelvic floor training.

Kegel exercises, fundamentally, are simple muscle contractions that do not necessitate the insertion of any kegel ball to be effective. The essence of kegel exercises lies in the rhythm of contracting and relaxing, which incrementally augments muscle tone and strength in the pelvic floor.

The advisement to retain kegel balls or weights internally for prolonged durations raises significant concerns. Extended use of any pelvic floor training device can lead to muscle overexertion without adequate relaxation, counterproductive to the intended strengthening objective.

Recommendations suggesting that these devices be inserted for up to six hours are particularly troubling. Sustaining heavy kegel balls internally for extended periods coerces the pelvic muscles into continuous contractions to maintain the weight. This approach proves ineffective for muscle groups such as the quadriceps or obliques and is equally unsuitable for pelvic floor muscles.

Similarly, using overly light products or unconventional shapes, like kegel eggs, which fail to stimulate the correct muscles, is misguided. Instructions encouraging extended wear inside the vaginal canal promote a constant state of contraction, leading to muscle cramping and hypertonic tightness, conditions that may necessitate intervention from a pelvic floor physical therapist to alleviate.

Instead of retaining potentially harmful kegel balls—made of materials that could leach chemicals or harbor bacteria due to their warm, moist environment—a more whimsical disposal might be repurposing them as toys for pets or novel Christmas tree decorations.

Kegelbell distinguishes itself as a superior alternative by positioning the weight externally, facilitating progressive weights to enhance resistance gradually. This design supports a balanced regimen of muscle contractions and relaxations. Users can start with a weight as light as 30g, adjusting the combination to suit their strengthening journey.

It's crucial to acknowledge the sensitivity and resilience of the pelvic floor. Opting for a safe, effective exercise system like Kegelbell, free from irritants and designed to target the requisite muscles precisely, can fortify pelvic health, prevent urinary incontinence, rejuvenate lubrication, and enrich sexual well-being without risking damage to this vital area.

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