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Ben Wa Balls

What Do You Do With Ben Wa Balls?

Women place tiny, weighted balls called Ben Wa Balls inside the vagina. Pelvic floor muscles help control bladder and improve sexual pleasure. Exercise can strengthen them. The idea is that orgasms are stronger and more intense as one's muscles get stronger. 

Gynecologists and obstetricians sometimes suggest Ben Wa balls to enhance vaginal suppleness and bladder control. Kegel balls, duotone beads, and vaginal beads are other names for Ben Wa balls.

How do I use Ben Wa balls?

Be sure you have sufficient lubricant before using Ben Wa balls. Use a lubricant with a water basis if you use silicon balls. After putting some lubricant on the vaginal opening, take a comfortable, relaxed position.

Gently insert the first ball. Ben Wa balls typically connect to make removal simple.

Leaving the string out, push all the balls in as far as they will go.

Tighten your muscles around the balls to start your Kegel exercises.

If you're new, begin with a short session and work up to a longer one each day. For instance, start with five minutes and increase it to ten the following time.

What are the pros and cons of Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls come in various sizes and compositions. Some are constructed of plastic and have metal ball bearings, while others are made of metal and are naturally weighted. Some are easily removed with a nylon or silicone cable attached.


Ben Wa balls are an excellent tool for strengthening Kegel and pubococcygeus muscles during exercise. Incontinence may be treated with this.

Increasing the strength of the Kegel muscles could enhance orgasms.

Some women carry the Ben Wa balls around during the day and enjoy their movement.


Sitting with the Ben Wa balls inside of them bothers some ladies.

When choosing the balls, hygiene becomes essential and should be considered.

Poor cleaning of the Ben Wa balls might lead to a severe vaginal infection. They need to be cleaned with antibacterial soap in warm or hot water.

What are other tips for strengthening your Kegel muscles?

Other suggestions for enhancing pelvic floor strength could be:

Keeping a healthy BMI in place. Reducing weight can lessen tension on the pelvic floor.

Avoid foods and drinks irritating the bladder, such as sparkling water and caffeinated beverages.

Consuming more foods high in fiber.

Consuming comfrey, raspberry leaf, and horsetail in particular, as these herbs aid in the repair of connective tissue.

Chiropractic adjustments can help with pelvic prolapse symptoms.

Gaining strength in these muscles will help you in many ways, including a more accessible and intense climax. Start with a single Kegel ball for more control and intensity, then progress to a double Kegel ball.

How to Use the Ben Wa Balls?

To make the best use of the Ben Wa balls, complete the following actions:

It is necessary to lubricate the vaginal opening and recline in a comfortable, relaxed position. A water-based lubricant can be used for silicon balls.

Insert the initial ball slowly. Typically, Ben Wa balls are linked together to facilitate easy removal.

Ensure all the balls are pushed in as far as possible while omitting the string.

Tightening the muscles surrounding the balls is the first step in performing Kegel exercises.

It can be done for as little as a few minutes at first and up to an hour every day.

To make removing the Ben Wa balls easier, one should lie down and apply more lubrication. After adding the lubrication, one should remove the balls.

How to Perform Kegel Exercises With Ben Wa Balls?

One should become accustomed to performing Kegel exercises without Ben Wa balls before utilizing them. By doing this, sprains and other overexertion-related illnesses may be avoided.

A person can utilize Ben Wa balls once they have mastered Kegel exercises. To achieve this, set the balls in the proper positions before starting the exercises.

The actions listed below should be taken to include Ben Wa balls in a regular exercise routine:

Step 1: Before inserting the balls into the vaginal hole, one should lubricate them while lying on their back.

Step 2: Next, one should apply pressure to the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the balls of their feet.

Step 3: Hold the exercise for approximately five seconds.

Step 4: After a little recovery period, the muscles should be gradually relaxed, and the pressure should be applied again. Squeezes can be performed up to three times a day in groups of five.

How Can Ben Wa Balls Be Used During Intercourse?

Ben Wa balls can enhance sexual pleasure before or during sex.

You can put the Ben Wa balls in a few hours or minutes before having sex. When both parties are ready for vaginal sex, the individual or their partner may remove the Ben Wa balls.

If anal intercourse is had, the balls may stay in the vaginal canal. The most vaginally sensitive areas are pushed upon when the Ben Wa balls are kept inside during anal intercourse.

It is not appropriate to slide the Ben Wa balls inside the anus. Everyone interested in anal stimulation should seek out balls made especially for this purpose.

If the person and their partner feel at ease, the Ben Wa balls may be kept in the vaginal canal during sexual activity. This may lead to increased stimulation. However, the person's partner should maintain a steady and shallow entry to avoid causing any discomfort.

Ben Wa balls are another tool for facilitating masturbation. You can accomplish this by moving the balls in and out. A more intensive use of the Ben Wa balls is to leave them there. The balls may excite different parts of the vagina while the person moves.

How do you decide which Ben Wa Ball to buy?

Considering the following aspects can assist in selecting which Ben Wa balls to buy:

  • The Intensity of a Workout- Kegel balls are often sold in single or double packs; the double packs offer a more challenging workout. The consumer can quickly discover the perfect fit because they come in various sizes and weights and can be made of silicone or metal. Some even can vibrate, which increases the intensity of the exercise.
  • Electronic or Traditional Balls- Electronic pelvic floor trainers and Kegel exercisers are available that use a sensor to activate the muscles for specific workouts. These gadgets come with smartphone apps that offer guided exercises and progress tracking, and they are typically Bluetooth-enabled. Electronic Kegel balls and trainers are more expensive than conventional weighted balls and trainers.


Ben Wa balls, also called Kegel balls, have been around for a while. These balls can strengthen pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

They can help treat issues such as stress incontinence, prolapse, and bladder control. They can also improve sexual health. Men can also strengthen their pelvic muscles by using Kegel balls.

The factors above can be used to choose which Ben Wa Ball to purchase. Ben Wa balls have several health benefits when used properly, with the proper technique, and with suitable cleanliness maintenance.

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