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Ball Stretchers

Ball Stretchers 101 - How To Start

You might want to attempt ball stretchers in many situations but are still determining where to begin! Ball stretchers are a fun new addition to try in the bedroom with your partner. They can help boost testosterone or provide different sensations. Whether you're curious about testosterone or just enjoy experimenting, ball stretchers can add excitement to your sex life.

What are Ball Stretchers?

Toys called ball stretchers are designed to wrap over the scrotum, forcing the balls down and giving the impression that they are longer. Using them can give you a stretch or fullness that many people find enjoyable. It might feel good if you have tried pulling or touching your scrotum during sex or masturbation.

Similar to cock rings, ball stretchers can also extend the amount of time you have before orgasming. As you play, the ball stretcher will help prevent your balls from retracting upward and postpone your orgasm. They also make a great edging tool, according to several users!

Types of Ball Stretchers


Ball stretchers come in a wide variety of styles to suit a variety of needs. I advise using a basic silicone ball stretcher if you are new to ball stretching. This will free you up to experiment with a flexible stretch without adding weight or excessive straining that could hurt.

There are many options available for silicone ball stretchers in different colors, styles, and thicknesses. You can easily find one that you like. The Oxballs Neo-Stretch is the one I suggest.


You can try leather or faux leather ball stretchers that wrap around the scrotum for a new sensation. This is a good option if you have tried ball stretchers before and want to experiment further with different materials. These give the balls slightly more stretch and less flexibility. Remember that the same styles frequently come in various width options, so you can choose the one that's best for you.

Look for D-links! Some models have D-ring connections for adding weights to stretch by attaching to the link easily. This is an excellent choice for your ball stretcher if you're looking for a highly advanced stretch.

Beyond that, if used with a partner, it provides some alternatives for power play or BDSM. Look at the Calexotics Tri-Snap Weighted Ball Spreader if you're looking for a stretcher with an integrated weight.

CBT/Pain Play

You might occasionally look for a toy that is suitable for CBT (cock and ball torture). Some ball stretchers are designed with weights in mind, and using them over an extended period may even help with pain management. Please always take appropriate safety precautions when navigating this, and never push your body beyond what is safe.

There are still plenty of options with pleasure as the primary focus if you're not interested in that constrained play. Beautiful ToysCertain ball stretchers are designed to force the scrotum forward. This can make the penis and testicles look bigger.

It can also create a great photo opportunity. It can be the perfect addition to your cozy night in. Therefore, some toys can easily handle the usage of a ball stretcher, even if your only motivation for using one is aesthetic.

Combo Toys!

A combined ball stretcher is what I would suggest if you want to experience two sensations at once and something delightful. These frequently resemble a silicone ball stretcher toy with a C-ring. The toy's C-ring portion helps you sustain an erection for a more extended period by limiting blood flow to your penis.

You will receive every one of the advantages mentioned above with the ball stretcher attachment. You two can train for orgasms or have the best edge play experience possible!

The Oxballs 8-Ball Silicone Cock & Ball Ring is one of my favorite combo toys. Ball stretchers for men can have extra features like vibrators or ticklers for more pleasure when using alone or with a partner.

How to Use a Stretched Balls

Before using the ball stretcher, be sure you grease it! When using a silicone toy, it's best to use water-based lubricant.

But use whatever feels good for you. Just remember to always use lubricant! Put one testicle at a time through the stretcher until both are hanging through. Make sure to lubricate the toy first.

Remember to tuck any visible hair away if you are using a ball stretcher that clasps shut to avoid pinching.

As you play, ensure you've located a cozy spot to explore and unwind in. Consider preparing a scenario for yourself, playing your favorite music, and taking a soothing shower or bath beforehand. Using a ball stretcher with a partner can be more fun if you massage each other or do some foreplay beforehand.

Save time wearing your ball stretcher. You should wear them for no more than 20 minutes at a time before taking a rest.

Don't be frightened to explore the countless nerve endings ready to be activated! Before using a stretcher with a partner, try it out alone first to see how it feels and fits comfortably.

Finding The Right Size

Remember that discomfort is not the intended outcome when looking for the ideal ball stretcher! Go up a size if you discover that one is too small after trying on several sizes. First and foremost, this item is meant to make you happy.

Observe the measures! Most toys come with measurements to help you determine your ideal size.

I hope you treat yourself to a ball stretcher! These fantastic toys are a great way to discover some of the most potent nerve endings in your body or your partner's body, and they can help boost enjoyment.

Best wishes for this exciting new journey!

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