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Cat Tail Butt Plug

How to maintain your cat's tail butt plug’s majestic fluff?

It would help if you took on a cat's manners to be your owner's ideal kitten. It would help if you made an appropriate costume so that you may enter the part as fully as possible. Thankfully, such a wide range of items are available that you can instantly become a sultry kitty.

In addition to cosmetics, a body suit, and cat ears, you'll need a tail to finish your appearance. The pet play kink's growth has led to a wide variety of tail butt plugs available online and in physical sex shops. Your spouse will enjoy your touch and the sight of your tail.

You must maintain cat tail plugs like any other animal tail plug. The mix of materials that compose them requires more maintenance than traditional anal toys.

The Design of Cat Tail Butt Plugs

A cat tail plug is made to make your behind into a cat's while stimulating your anus. It's a regular anal plug with a synthetic fur tail affixed to resemble a cat. The length, color, and fluff of the tail or the plug's size and composition can help you choose yours.

Since kitten play is one of the most popular forms, the wide variety of cat tail plugs is hardly surprising. When selecting your spirit cat, there are many possibilities available to you. You may become any cat you like, from a sophisticated Persian to a domestic shorthair.

You can also use your imagination to craft a unique kitty character. Petplay has a few rules.

The idea is to embrace your primitive side and show off your wild side. To appreciate the experience, you must fulfill one prerequisite: creativity. Expand your mind and imagine your own story. Once you have a clear vision, it will be simple to achieve your goals.

Butt Plug Maintenance

There's more to selecting the correct butt plug than just aesthetics. It is important to be practical even though it is essential to be happy with its appearance. To prevent infections, make sure you clean and maintain your plug—as well as any other sex item you use—enough.

Because of this, you ought to choose a butt plug composed of a non-porous substance, like silicone or stainless steel. After every usage, you must thoroughly clean the water and soap. Anal play is enjoyable, but it has certain obligations. Your cleanliness and that of your anal toy are equally important.

It would help if you remembered to use the fluffy portion of your plug, though. You have to take great care of it if you want it to appear as authentic as possible. If not, you risk appearing more like a stray cat than a pet.

Cat Butt Plug Tails: Cleaning Guide

Maintaining the tail portion of your plug is similar to maintaining any other faux fur item. However, if you clean and dry it improperly, the tail might easily sustain damage because of its shape. If properly maintained, it may keep its shape.

You can soak your tail in warm, soapy water to keep artificial fur, which is easier to maintain than real fur. Nevertheless, you have to clean it gently to avoid breaking its structure. For the same reason, you should avoid washing machines and strong detergents.

After cleaning your tail plug, you cannot immediately store it. If not, it may grow mold, develop foul odors, and even endanger your health. Instead of rubbing, gently pat your hair with a towel to soak up water. Then, use a low-heat hairdryer to finish drying.

Now that your tail has dried and cleaned, it's time to finish. You must gently brush it to prevent tangles in the hair if you want it to be fluffy and silky for subsequent use.

Storing a Cat Tail Butt Plug

Maintaining appropriate cleaning and storage of your tail plug is equally essential. You cannot place it anywhere because exposure to heat and sunlight would deteriorate the toy's material. If you want it to last, you should keep your tail plug in a dry, cool place—preferably in a box.

Furthermore, you shouldn't combine all of your sex toys if you have a collection. If you do so, specific materials may negatively react and jeopardize their quality. Alternatively, store each toy in its own bag before putting it away.

Lastly, you should pay attention to the shape of the plug's tail section. You have to be extremely cautious when deciding where to store it because folding it can cause it to distort.

Final Thoughts

Playing with kittens requires you to be spontaneous but not impulsive. You must maintain your equipment and look after yourself and your partner. Cat tail plugs are worth it, even if they can require more maintenance than other sex toys. 

Take responsibility and clean your plug immediately after each usage; don't wait till later. Discovering something you need when you need it and then finding it waiting to be cleaned next to your bed would be unfortunate. You can ensure that these delicacies will maintain their quality and enjoy them for more time if you heed all of these suggestions!

Model: soft-cat-ears-fox-tail-anal-plug-with-cute-cosplay-accessories
Cosplay Toy with Chrome Metal Plug and Plush Ears HeadbandThe headband has cat ears, and the metal plug imitates a fox tail. The butt plug is smooth, mellow, and full. The front half is small, easy to put, and won't hurt your skin.Excellent for giving as a special day gift, ideal for masquerade-them..
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