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Penis Toys

We consider the penis to be the most remarkable creation marvel. The survival of our species would not have been possible without this one-eyed serpent, and our right hands would have long since gotten hopeless and withered away for lack of meaningful work to do and something to look forward to! Furthermore, a lot of us wouldn't have been able to buy elaborate homes on cloud nine or develop a reputation for making women walk bowlegged if it weren't for our penises!

Even though the penis is a powerful organ, it nevertheless likes to play with some toys. Certain penis toys, such as the Auto Milker 15X Sucking Masturbator, function by swallowing the dick and attempting to shake it loose from your central nervous system; however, most of them go into the urethra!

We will now cover all you need to know about the many types of penis toys available in this article. This class has many brave and bold things to learn, so we hope you all bring notebooks! Folks, let's get going!

What Are Penis Toys?

Penis toys, on the other hand, can be anything. Of course, there are plenty of penile toys available both online and in physical stores like TheChainGang. Still, there are also many everyday household objects that guys are appropriately encouraged to use regularly in place of penis toys.

Thus, sex toys include things like toothbrushes, spoon handles, and toothpicks that some guys place in their woody. People who have sex with objects like car exhaust pipes, pillows, screwdrivers, or drawers are using these items for sexual pleasure.

This behavior is similar to the one described earlier. They find pleasure in engaging in sexual activities with these objects. It is a way for them to experience sexual gratification. If you use your right hand to throttle your boner till it starts dribbling its way to freedom, we might even argue that it's a sex toy! 

Considering those above, we can define a penis toy as anything that causes an orgasm in the penis. However, mouths, anuses, and vaginas can also be considered as penis toys because they stimulate penises to reach climax. This is based on the fact that they also provide pleasure and satisfaction to the penis. In this sense, these body parts can be seen as tools for sexual pleasure and gratification.

Many penises can be easily stimulated to orgasm by watching videos of twerking and girls with big butts. We hesitate to call these videos penis toys. To put it briefly, penis toys are actual objects that can be covered entirely or partially over the penis to induce climaxes.

Penis Sex Toys: A History

Certain Asian cultures in Asia first used penis toys hundreds of years ago, utilizing male glans piercings as a sexual aid. These piercings became very popular.

Some married women would even think about divorcing their husbands to get them. Men without piercings were viewed as foolish and incomplete. Meanwhile, men who didn't have them were seen as foolish and incomplete.

But we firmly believe that the use of penis toys predates humankind. We believe that Neanderthals and ancient humans, who may not have been recorded in history, were curious about internal anatomy. They experimented with sticks and twigs, finding pleasure in the sensation. They shared their discoveries with friends and others who were interested.

Humans haven't changed all that much from our penis-throttling ways since Adam or when we crawled out of trees. Suppose that is indeed the case, as we believe. Erotic objects have existed for longer than humans. For any man seeking success, satisfying his penis will always be a top priority.

For those of you who are interested in sex toys, here's some trivia: Primitive dildos date back at least 30,000 years, and olive oil has been used as a copulatory and masturbatory help for hundreds of years.

Yes, guys back then used olive oil as a substitute for Vaseline since they didn't have it. You could take a lady to bed, smear olive oil between her legs, use a piece of bread to mop up the extra oil, and then sprinkle salt, bacon, and eggs on the bread and munch your way to heaven!

How Sex Toys For Penis Work

Penile toys sold online or in stores are different from homemade ones made from random objects. These purpose-built toys determine how penis toys function.

Homemade toys are made from objects found in your room, house, or barn. These purpose-built toys are what determine how penis toys function.

For instance, penis plugs and sounders are designed for deep insertion to stimulate the prostate. Conversely, catheters have the ability to be inserted so profoundly that they can completely enlarge your kidney!

There are also glans rings and cock rings. These penis toys aid in achieving and sustaining hardcore erections and are designed to be worn at the shaft or base of the cock.

If the person you intend to fuck is someone you don't like, you could still be able to pulverize their privates with a cock ring! Cock rings can be helpful for anal sex because they can make you stronger and more prepared for the experience.

Did you know that the first cock rings were actually created in China hundreds of years ago? They were made using goat eyelashes knotted at the base of the penis. Though it's just our opinion, we believe the stench of that ought to be enough to keep a man from having sex until the end of time!

Hardcore penis toys also include extenders and sleeves for the penis. The latter is used to make the cock slightly longer and more extensive; it is referenced in the Kama Sutra. Penis sleeves are small devices with one end shaped like a mouth, anus, or vagina. They are open-ended and meant for your penis to go into.

One should not overlook penis toys that can be used for sucking, massaging, and vibrating. If you purchase any of these items now, you will realize what you have been missing out on. This may lead to frustration, causing you to consider selling the planet to any Martian who can afford it.

What They Are Made Of

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, men can get carried away and not realize their own strength. Designers create penis toys to be durable and able to withstand rough play. Not surprisingly, titanium or surgical-grade steel makes up the majority of penis toys. Similar products, like toasters, typically consist of easily maintained, non-toxic, soft materials that are porous.

Make sure you always get high-quality penis toys. The inexpensive ones could break you in half in your urethra at the most inconvenient time, forcing you to attend the emergency department and face shy looks from attractive nurses. If you have much to lose, only purchase from reliable companies like TheChainGang. Also, make sure you utilize your toy as intended.

That's all for now, people! Let's talk about penises and all the wonderful devices made for you and your partner to enjoy. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

Electro-stimulation, or "e-stim," is one of the increasingly popular types of penis toys. With the use of gentle electrical pulses, this method gives penile stimulation a distinctive and thrilling twist. If this feeling piques your interest, check out our selection of e-stim toys, which have been painstakingly made enjoyable and safe.

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