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Tenga Egg

Tenga eggs are transforming the landscape of male sex toys with their innovative design and unique sensations. If you've not yet ventured into the world of these masturbator eggs, or even if you're unaware of their existence, it's time to broaden your horizons. Their experience is unparalleled, challenging the notion that traditional methods are all needed for the ultimate climax.

Contrary to initial impressions, Tenga eggs are far from ordinary chicken eggs, despite the playful nod from the brand itself. Each egg in the lineup boasts a distinctive internal texture crafted to elicit specific types of stimulation. Whether you seek passion, wildness, or adventure in your pleasure, a Tenga egg is designed to cater to your preference, ensuring a personalized experience.

How to Use a Tenga Egg?

Once you've selected from the 14 available Tenga egg models, the process is straightforward:

  1. Open the Eggshell: Inside, you'll find the masturbator itself, along with a sachet of lubricant.
  2. Apply the Lubricant: Open the lubricant sachet and pour its contents into the hollow part of the egg. For an enhanced experience, apply additional lubricant around the egg's opening. This ensures maximum pleasure from the moment of insertion.
  3. Adjust the Speed and Intensity: The pleasure you derive from a Tenga egg is entirely under your control. Adjust the speed and intensity of your movements to suit your preferences.

Thanks to their flexible design, Tenga eggs can stretch to accommodate any size, stretching up to 30 cm long. Designed for single use, their compact size makes them perfect for discreet carry, ensuring you're always prepared for that perfect moment of indulgence.

In embracing the Tenga egg, you open yourself to new dimensions of pleasure far beyond the familiar. It's an invitation to explore, experience, and enjoy the diverse sensations that male sex toys can offer.

Model: egg-sex-toy-masturbator-guys-masterbating-man-love-eggs
Egg sex toys are discreet male masterbating devices that are small and portable for guys. The most convenient masterbation egg to carry out of all the adult toys in the adult sex shop is the sexy man egg. Love eggs are only the size of a pocket and let you enjoy your alone time. Egg masturbators use..
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Model: tenga-eggs-sex-toy-deep-throat-masturbator
A safe silicone deep throat masturbator sex toy for guys, the Tenga egg masturbator has no harmful effects on your body. An odorless silicone masturbator with lubricant is called a hot egg. It's simpler to use a handhold tenga egg to ejaculate. When you need to purchase, you can choose from a variet..
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