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Tenga Egg

There are a lot of different kinds of sex toys available, have you not? Even though millions of individuals possess adult toys, some people believe that these products highlight women's enjoyment, even if using sex toys for sex is far more socially acceptable for women than for men.

It is common for most men to masturbate, as shown by various studies. There are many different sex toys for men that you may not know about. But if you're looking for a way to spice up your masturbation, the Tenga Egg is the one male masturbator that's worth looking into more.

Before you make your purchase, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about what makes the Tenga Egg the most well-liked male masturbator on the market in today's post.


What is Tenga Egg?

The Japanese sex toy company Tenga is well-known for producing this tiny, adorable, miniature, egg-shaped masturbator that resembles nothing at all like a masturbator.  

Of all the items in Tenga's range, it is the most affordable and well-liked. Its modest size and subtle appearance make it difficult to mistake for a sex toy at first glance, which is ideal if you want to intensify your masturbation but don't want everyone to know about it. Its "eggshell" appearance makes it simple to travel and store, and it fits comfortably in one hand.

The exterior decorations of each egg reflect the intricate features within them, and they are available in a pack of six or individually in a range of sensual styles. The interior texture is what differentiates each model. Every model has a different texture, and every model will feel different.


What is egg tenga made from?

Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, makes the sleeve's material feel good against your skin if you're into that kind of thing. They are incredibly flexible, have a silicone-like appearance, and glide over the skin easily. The material stretches to the point of almost being translucent and is more resilient than it appears. The Tenga Egg is one of the few sex toys that can fit all men, regardless of penis size, because of its extreme stretching ability.

Each egg contains a tiny packet of lubricant called Egg Lotion, which is composed of water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, hydroxyethylcellulose, and methylparaben.


How to use Tenga Egg?

It can be used with a companion or on your own. To start, remove the egg from the plastic wrapper. Then, crack it open as you would a real Easter egg from your backyard.

To ensure the egg's inside is well coated, push a small amount of lube inside and gently squash it. As you would typically masturbate, apply some of the lubrication to the tip of your penis and slide it over like a giant condom, back and forth.

Tenga advises against consuming the eggs internally, so if you are using it with someone and become swept up in the excitement, don't get caught up in it. Relax and savor every sensation that Tenga Egg has to offer.

You can throw away the eggs after use, like most Tenga products. However, you can use them again if you follow certain rules, like using a condom and not ejaculating inside them."

Can you reuse a Tenga Egg?

The Tenga Egg is intended just for single-use, throwaway use. After using them, they should be thrown away.

For the optimal Tenga experience, we advise direct stimulation without the use of a condom. If you decide to reuse your egg, make sure to take hygienic precautions.

Use a condom and avoid ejaculating inside. Clean the egg carefully afterwards. Another recommendation is always to use a neutral lubricant.

What makes it such a unique sex toy for men?

  • Variety: there are over a dozen different textures to try
  • Inexpensive: It is among the most affordable sex toys available.
  • Versatile: the material stretches to suit all penis sizes
  • Discreet: Its adorable shape and true-to-life proportions make it appear nothing like a sex toy.
  • All in one: The bundle contains everything you need.


Meet the eggs


Regular Strenght Eggs

Wavy: Wave after wave of euphoric experiences is delivered by several layers of extensive, flexible, wavy ribs!

Clicker: A sensation that is omnidirectional from dynamic nubs! For joy, squeeze, twist, and stroke!

Spider: Extra adhesion and a vibrant, 360° experience are provided by the inner web's grid-like features!

Twister: Your entire body is squeezed in a flurry of ecstasy that will send you into a crazy, rippling corkscrew effect!

Stepper: Both upward and downward strokes are synchronized by bi-directional wedges!

Silky: Immensely entwined ribs caress you as if you were wearing the finest silk fabrics.


Hard Boiled Strong Sensations

Thunder: The sensations of thunder are produced by the large, robust vertical ribs that go up and down its inside! 

Crater: Huge, cratered nubs provide a trembling, thrilling experience by stimulating from every angle!

Misty: The tiny nubs that cover its walls create a layer of sensations, resulting in a slow build-up and steamy conclusion!

Cloudy: Dive into this cloud of resurfacing feelings—the thickest Tenga egg yet!

Shiny: A sizeable central nub and radiating ribs will make anyone smile brightly! 

Surfer: Take a thrilling dive and emphasize these nubs and surprising drops!


How to use the Best Tenga Egg to surprise your partner

It's always challenging to make a relationship more interesting. Therefore, here are five ways to use the Tenga Egg to surprise your significant other and change things up: 

Special Surprise

Say you have a unique surprise for your partner while in bed, then fold his eyes. After giving him a mouthful of kisses:

  1. Move on to kissing his groin, perineum, and penis.
  2. Gently massage a small amount of the lubricant onto the penis, then fill the egg with the remaining lubrication.
  3. Begin massaging his shaft with the Tenga Egg while preventing him from removing the blindfold! Your partner will grovel to get inside you!
  4. Pleasure for both

Have you ever considered using the eggs on yourself as well? Did you know that the Tenga Egg can also be used as a female masturbator when turned inside out? You can also use it with a vibrator to add a different feel to clitoral massages and G-Spot stimulation.

Here's a suggestion: masturbate with your spouse while using the Tenga Egg! Each can take care of their enjoyment or perhaps "help" the other.

Travel buddy

Will your partner be leaving? What if you gave him a Tenga Egg for his solo performance and asked him to describe the experience for you? Depending on the intimacy of the couple, you can propose a bit of Sexting, and he can send a photo or video to tease you.

For the warm days

A unique menthol lubricant that provides a cool, refreshing sensation is included with the Tenga Egg Wavy Cool Edition, making it ideal for summertime!

Naughty Easter

Are you sick of purchasing chocolate eggs for your sweetie every Easter? Using creative wrapping techniques, you can adorn the Tenga Egg with a lovely satin ribbon bow and encase it in cellophane or laminated paper. Your Easter will undoubtedly be quite spicy!

Where to buy Tenga Egg

You may locate your preferred egg in any sex shop because they are such a widely used and reasonably priced sex item.

You can find the complete Tenga range in our store at a great price. Purchase online from the comfort of your own home with ease. Our products are shipped in plain brown packaging to ensure privacy when shopping online for sex toys and accessories. You won't have to worry about any awkward looks from the mail carrier.

You could agree after reading this essay that the Tenga Egg is an excellent option for people looking for a high-quality masturbator at a more affordable price. It fits penises of all sizes since it is composed of silicone and is quite stretchy. Just by keeping your attention on what you are doing, the texture of the egg envelopes you in pleasure.

Now visit our store to select your egg by looking through our Tenga collection. Intense orgasms are nearly a given!

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