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Expensive VS Cheap Sex Toys: What's The Difference?

How do you choose a sexual toy to purchase? One is $200, but it receives negative ratings. The other is very basic, costing $20, and is loved by some individuals. When purchasing sex toys, price alone does not always indicate the most excellent option—a basic, inexpensive device may not always be the worst pick.

Still, trying to figure out what to get as a toy? We can provide you with some advice.

What factors affect the price of a dildo?

Several aspects determine a dildo's cost, but generally speaking, the more you pay, the higher quality dildo you will receive.

The material a dildo is composed of is one of the key elements that determines its price. While less expensive dildos are typically made of porous materials like rubber or PVC, higher-quality dildos are composed of nonporous materials like glass, silicone, and stainless steel.

The dildo'sdildo's size is another element. As one might anticipate, the cost of a sex toy increases with its size. This is because additional materials are required, and their costs must be covered.

Lastly, the qualities your dildo has to offer will determine its price. The most widely used Dildo technologies are cloning, squirting, vibrations, sliding tech, and layering. A dildo'sdildo's cost increases with the number of extra functions it contains.

Expensive Sex Toys

What you consider "expensive" will vary depending on your income, spending limit, and personal standards. Let's assume for argument that anything costing $100 or more is pricey, yet $50 might be too much for some individuals. In your opinion, the sex toy is "expensive" if you read the price tag and decide that it is "too much to spend on orgasms."

What, then, makes pricey sex gadgets so unique?

Newer technology

Your sex toy is probably created of newer sex technology if it functions off of your phone, has 25 vibration settings and counting, or performs other tasks that most sex toys can't. Those toys will cost more until that technology spreads. Furthermore, you most likely desire a more costly toy if you enjoy having a vibrator that does tricks and always shocks you with something new.

Better quality materials

While not all pricey sex toys on the market are constructed with better materials than their less expensive counterparts, this is generally the case. Typically, this refers to body-safe, medical-grade silicone. However, alternative materials like glass and metal could be more expensive. The fact that these materials are easily cleaned and disinfected is terrific news.

Last Longer

Again, not every pricey sex toy is built to last, but many do. Certain companies, such as Adutoys and LELO, provide a one-year product warranty. Although these toys are designed to last, you may get a replacement at no additional cost if something breaks.

Cons of Expensive Toys

Since nothing is perfect, we must discuss certain drawbacks associated with purchasing pricey sex gadgets.

Specific sex devices are just marketing gimmicks.

Investing more money only sometimes translates into higher quality.

When you use it, you might not like how it feels.

A sex toy's price does not always indicate that it's the ideal option for you.

Cheap Dildos 

It's common knowledge that low-cost sex toys aren't perfect. Although some cheaply made things are unfortunately bad, this does not entail that all of them are bad.

Simpler design

Many bells, whistles, and endless vibration patterns don't appeal to you. Toys that cost less usually have more straightforward designs. Imagine a stretchable cock ring or a vibrator with only one button and a few settings. It performs its one task flawlessly.

Fits your budget

You deserve to have sexual pleasure just as much as anyone else, even if your budget is tight. Sometimes, it seems like your only choice is to use less expensive sex toys. You have the same chance of finding something you adore as someone with a higher budget because there are no certainties with any sex item.

Experiment with less risk

Anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of money on a sex item that falls short of expectations understands the disappointment. Examining less costly sex toys allows you to enjoy yourself more without taking a financial risk. Once you've established your preferences, you might choose more expensive solutions.

Cons of Cheap Dildos

Even if it's your all-time favorite sex toy that you will never part with, inexpensive toys have drawbacks of their own.

Not every material used in sex toys is safe. Low-cost sexual toys could include phthalates, which are particularly harmful to your health.

Less expensive sex toys are frequently composed of non-sterilizable porous materials like rubber, TPR/TPE, and other materials.

Certain cheap toys should be thrown away because they break down more quickly, especially if mold or germs grow on them.

How to choose the right cheap dildo for you

Dildos are among the most well-liked sex devices available, particularly among gay people. Dildos come in a plethora of varieties, making them enjoyable for both individual masturbation and couples' sex play.

Along with price, there are several things to take into account while choosing the ideal dildo. These are listed in the following order:

  1. Determine your ideal size

Large is generally preferred; however, this isn't always the case. It is far wiser to start modestly and increase your skill level gradually if you are new to dildos. Don't go too big too quickly; using a dildo should be enjoyable rather than uncomfortable.

  1. Choose a suitable material.

Look for materials safe for your body, such as glass, silicone, and stainless steel. These materials let you enjoy yourself while keeping your private parts secure. Which specific substance you select is a matter of taste. Steer clear of anything that contains chemicals since they can irritate skin.

  1. Consider lubrication

Since the primary purpose of dildos is penetration, it is advised that you use a premium lubricant for optimal enjoyment. You should use a water-based lubricant rather than a silicone-based one if you have selected a silicone dildo.

  1. Decide upon your budget.

 Dildos come in a wide range of prices, as previously said, so you can pay as much or as little as you wish. While reasonably priced, high-quality dildos are available, you should steer clear of highly inexpensive sex toys as they are probably not body-safe.

  1. Decide on additional features.

Are you looking for a straightforward dildo that does exactly what it says on the box? Or perhaps you're you're looking for an all-in-one dildo with all the bells and whistles that are meant to provide the utmost pleasure?


In the end, the ideal sex toy for you is one that you can buy, and that gives you positive feelings. Research is crucial before making any purchases. Cheap doesn'tdoesn't equal awful, and expensive doesn'tdoesn't equal better. Examine the available resources. Examine reviews. Seek for a return policy or warranty. To improve your chances of selecting a sex toy you'll adore, give it some thought before you buy it.

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