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Big Booty Masturbator

Types of Ass Masturbator 

As you can see, there are two primary categories of ass masturbators: complete asses and strokers. In this review, I've included the best of both. The two differ in the following ways:

Strokers-style Fleshlight Toys: Stroker-style anal, small and relatively easy to clean; for those who adore the feel and appearance of anal intercourse as well as the ease of a stroker, fleshlights are the ideal option.

Whole Ass Toys: This is where things become realistic! These toys allow you a complete ass to bounce, smack, and play with instead of just the anus orifice! If you're not in the mood for anal, most full-sized ass dolls also feature a vagina (or penis), giving you another option.


Although they might not appear significant, the materials utilized to create your new ass masturbator are pretty necessary! distinct materials will function differently, have distinct dangers, and need different aftercare.

  • Silicone — The ideal material for a masturbator is silicone. It isn't porous, implying that there aren't millions of tiny holes in it that may potentially harbor bacteria. But silicone doesn't "jiggle" like other materials do. It's harder to locate and more costly as well.
  • TPE —To the touch, TPE may be more realistic than silicone. This elastic, pliable, and soft material is also reasonably priced, making it a popular option for affordable toys. Unlike silicone, TPE is a porous material. This means that cleaning the toy will require extra care as it cannot be completely sterilized. Regularly treating it with cornflour or regeneration powder would extend its life.
  • SuperSkin — Fleshlight's unique combination of TPE and other materials is called SuperSkin. It has TPE-like performance advantages. Because it is porous, the same guidelines for handling it apply. But because SuperSkin is specially engineered to hold heat and feels more lifelike to the touch, it performs better than ordinary TPE.

What to Consider When Buying an Ass Masturbator

Now that you've decided to acquire an ass masturbator let's talk about some of the elements that may affect your decision. You're guaranteed to find a toy you adore if you consider all of these things!

  • Size — Size will probably be a problem if you don't have a lot of storage space and need to hide your toys. While small and perfect for covert storage, fleshlight toys don't have the same level of realism as whole-ass models. However, there are little asses available if a big butt is more your style!
  • Price — A superior product isn't always one that costs more. In addition to any financial constraints, you ought to consider your new toy's lifespan. Spending a little extra for a longer toy is nearly always preferable to saving a little money now and buying a new one in a few years.
  • No. of Orifices —Masturbators in the fleshlight style nearly never have more than one entrance. On the other hand, whole-ass masturbators typically offer the anus together with a penis or vagina. Think about how essential diversity will be to you.
  • Internal Texture & Intensity — A picture displaying the inside patterns or textures is often included with items. A toy will be more intense, and its interior texture will be more varied.

Big booty vs. Pocket butt

Anal fleshlights and torso-style ass masturbators both provide for incredible anal sex, whether you're having it alone or with someone. The one you select mainly relies on your spending limit and intended use. To assist you in choosing the best option for you, here are the primary benefits and drawbacks of each!

Big booty masturbator


  • can be used in more positions
  • looks and feels more like the real thing
  • often has a vagina and anus
  • You can grab and spank its butt.
  • The body's bounce back produces realistic movements.
  • great for roleplay or group sex


  • often much more expensive
  •  harder to clean
  • requires more storage space
  • can be heavy or awkward to manoeuvre


Pocket butt


  • more portable
  • easier to clean
  • easier to store
  • usually much cheaper


  • less like the real thing
  • no butt cheeks to play with


What are the best materials for ass masturbators?

Most employ TPE, silicone, or soft plastic. These provide an incredibly lifelike sensation, but if you want them to last, you must take care of their cleaning and storing.

Which lubrication will I need for my ass masturbator?

Although you should confirm with the manufacturer's specific requirements, it's usually best to use water-based lubricant (in large quantities!).

Are ass masturbators safe?

Of course! Before being exported, the materials must pass strict safety testing to comply with requirements. The main risk comes from diving without lubricant or forgetting to clean up afterwards.

The main risk is diving without lubricant or forgetting to clean up. Most modern gadgets are porous. Bacteria and germs can build up if you don't take care of them after use.

How long will my ass masturbator last?

This is primarily dependent on the material's quality and your handling of it. Regarding material quality, you often get what you paid for, but double-checking prior customer ratings is always a good idea. The part about therapy is up to you!

Where can I buy a good ass masturbator?

We recommend checking out Adutoys websites!

Can I make my ass masturbator?

Although we don't advise building your ass masturbator, this page does offer some quite reasonably priced alternatives! See our DIY Adutoys blog page if you decide to do it yourself!

Model: 1-9lb-half-body-tpr-sex-toy-torso-for-men-masturbator
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