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Penis Pump

What is a penis pump?

A penile pump is a device that is placed over the penis and draws blood into the vessels to create an erection through suction.

A penile pump has three parts. The first part is a band, also known as a constriction ring, that goes around the base of your erect penis. The second part is a plastic tube that goes over your penis. The third part is a pump that is powered by hand or battery and is attached to the tube. A penis ring is a component of most, but not all, penile pump systems.

For most guys with ED, penis pumps are effective. They could be a wise option if taking ED medicine is inappropriate, has adverse effects, is ineffective, or you don't want to take it. They can be purchased from sex stores or obtained over the counter.


What does a penis pump do?

An erection pump is used to treat it. Although it can't treat ED completely, it can help you get better erections.

A penis enlargement pump sometimes referred to as a penile vacuum pump, works by drawing blood into the penis to assist induce and sustain an erection. The increased blood flow may facilitate harder erections during sex.

After an erection, the pump is frequently used in conjunction with a constriction ring, sometimes known as a cock ring, to help maintain blood flow to the penis.

Penis pumps are frequently sold as tools for enlarging the penis. It is crucial to understand that although they can aid in getting a fuller erection, which may give the impression that your penis is more significant, they are unable to increase the size of your penis naturally. This is so that they can promote blood flow to the area without changing the architecture of the penis.


How to use a penis pump

Here are some guidelines for using a penile pump correctly:

Cover your penis with the penis pump sleeve. To form a seal, you must ensure that the rim of this plastic tube chamber presses tightly on your pubic region.

Suction is created inside the tube by gently pumping the vacuum apparatus. The vacuum's suction stimulates blood flow to your penis. An erection is brought on by increased blood flow. Pressure in the cylinder can be released if pumping causes you any pain.

Slide the constriction ring to the base of your penis while you are erect. To give yourself enough time for successful sex, you can wear the band for up to thirty minutes without risk.

Take the penis's tube out.

To avoid the suction pressure getting too high and hurting your penis, make sure your penis pump has a vacuum limiter safety mechanism. If you experience pain during your erection, you have the option to release the pressure within the cylinder. Never push past the point of pain. There is no gain in doing this, and it may injure someone. Additionally, make sure the constriction ring fits appropriately. It could be uncomfortable if it's too tight; if it's too loose, it won't work. There may be a visual or video instruction handbook included with your device. To make sure you're using it securely, it's crucial to adhere to the instructions. When used correctly, accidents can be prevented, and success rates are raised.

It may require several attempts to get proficient. Recall that practice makes perfect. 


What are the options?

Electric penis pump

The battery-operated electric penis pump eliminates the need for manual pumping. Electric pumps run on batteries and are activated by pressing a button. Using a motor eliminates the need to "squeeze to pump" the vacuum apparatus. They are easy to use and could be especially beneficial if you have arthritis or problems with dexterity.

A manual penis pump (air pump without water)

You can regulate the cylinder's pressure with manual pumps. To pump, squeeze the bulb. They generate a vacuum seal inside the chamber using the air, which aids in drawing blood into your penis.

Not only are manual penis pumps quieter than electric ones, but they are also frequently less expensive. They do, however, demand more work. Additionally, dual-purpose penis pumps that may be manually pumped or run on a battery are available. 

Water penis pump

Some pumps don't use air pressure; they use water. You fill the cylinder and pump with water.

One of the advantages of water pumps is that they can assist in determining whether or not you have sealed the leaky area tightly enough. A tight seal must be created for a penis pump to be successful.

Using a water pump also makes it simpler to build an airtight seal. The disadvantage is that it can get a little dirty, and you must have a water source nearby.


How does it work?

Penile pumps function by drawing air into the chamber that surrounds the penis and therefore raising its pressure. This blood facilitates an erection flow into the penis. An elastic ring is placed over the base of your penis once it has been engorged with blood to assist the blood stay there.


Which is the best type of pump to use?

Much of this depends on your individual preferences. A medical expert can help you select the ideal penis pump for your requirements.

Although they might be noisy and require batteries, electric pumps are more straightforward. Although they can be more economical and quieter, manual pumps require some effort. Although an air pump won't wet the bed and is less dirty, establishing a good seal can be trickier. Water pumps are known to cause water spills, but they also make ensuring you have a sufficient seal easier.


Penis pump results

According to a 5-year study examining the experiences of those who used penis pumps, the devices improved partner and patient happiness. Two distinct groups were used in the investigation. In groups 1 and 2, penis pumps produced 82% and 89% patient and partner satisfaction, respectively, and 84% and 89% partner satisfaction, respectively.

79% of patients said that once they learned how to utilize a vacuum pump, their frequency of intercourse increased. Overall, it seems that employing a penile pump is producing encouraging results.


How to get the best results from a penis pump

  • Shave your pubic hair. It may be challenging for the pump to form a tight seal if you have hair at the base of your penis. It will be challenging to generate suction if the pump's base leaks air or water. Additionally, there's a chance that the pump will trap pubic hair, which can hurt.
  • Follow the instructions. Go through the manufacturer's instructions, even if they seem simple. This will ensure that you obtain the best outcomes by minimizing the risk of damage and maximizing effectiveness. 
  • Use lube. By creating a tight seal at the base of your penis, lubricants will help the pump draw air in and create suction. A tight seal can be achieved by shaving the pubis for smooth skin. You can also slide the constriction ring on and off with the aid of lubricant.
  • Don’t leave the constriction ring on for more than half an hour. Prolonged deprivation of blood flow to the penis might lead to damage to the structure.


Are there any risks or side effects involved?

For several reasons, penis pumps may be a desirable choice for men with ED. They can be safely coupled with other treatments, such as ED medicine, and are non-invasive and affordable with only one upfront expenditure. They do, however, have dangers and adverse effects.


Main Risks

Impaired sensation

The longer you wear the constriction band, the greater your chance of losing feeling. Employing constriction bands for no more than half an hour is recommended.

Reduced ejaculation

An additional issue connected to the constriction band. It won't affect the intensity or pleasure of an orgasm, but it might lessen the force of ejaculation.

Damaged blood vessels

Excessive use or forceful pumping may be the cause of this. Doing this repeatedly can lead to ED.


Side Effects

Pain or bruising

Usually, this is only transient and goes away in a few days. The first few times you pump, the likelihood of it happening increases. You are less likely to sustain discomfort or bruises as you gain skill and practice.


Long-term use of the constriction ring is the cause of this. It is not problematic to use it for less than half an hour. Sensation will return, but consistent use for more than 30 minutes can harm the health of the penile tissue.

Bleeding under the surface of your skin

You may see little red dots beneath the skin's surface called petechiae. Usually, these get resolved rather quickly.

The risk of it feeling unnatural

A penis pump is meant to assist you in achieving and maintaining an erection. Try having sex soon after taking the pump out, even though it can seem strange. It's possible that once you start, you won't remember the previous steps.


You ought to assess the safety of using pump equipment. See your doctor before utilizing a penis pump, if possible. To make sure using a penile pump is safe for you, they might examine your medical history and look for any underlying causes of your ED.

Using penis pumps is not advised if you:

possess a disease that interferes with blood clotting

Use a blood thinner.

possess a physical penile deformity, such as a bend in your penis

possess a genital skin ailment

Feel numb in your intimate areas

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