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Anal Beads

Know everything about anal beads and why it is so essential to buy them

You might be trying to find products to make your body feel good, but you're not sure what to buy. It is time for you to look at anal beads and decide if they are worth buying online. This product helps you relax your body, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety. Don't ignore its benefits for your well-being.

Anal beads are helpful for men and women alike, so you won't feel like there is a limit to using them. It is a versatile sex toy that can appeal to men wanting pleasure without being gay.

Before you buy your first anal beads, it is only fair that you know every detail about the product. This way, you will convince yourself that the balls are excellent and worth investing a few dollars in.

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are a toy that can enhance orgasms. They are a chain of bulbs connected by a cord with grips at each end. The anal beads can be put in and taken out easily after the person finishes.

If you dare to use the anal beads, you will be free to stimulate the nerves in the area in a few minutes. It is a sex toy for anal play that can be used alone or with a partner to try something new.

Types of anal beads

While searching for anal beads, you will find several models which deny that there is only one type of pearl. As you are interested in the product, you will have to appreciate the anal beads available and, of course, buy the one that most appeals to you. Among the most commercialized types of anal beads are:

• Anal plug with attached beads.

The first option you'll notice when looking for anal beads is the plug that has its beads attached. In other words, this toy does not have a separation between its beads, which could give you more pleasure when you introduce it. However, it is a toy that is difficult to use if you are new to this type of experience.

• Textured anal beads.

You may also consider using anal beads that have texture on each of your beads. In this way, you will have better satisfaction, and it will also help you to check how sensitive your anus is. The texture that makes up the account could vary, so you have several options.

• Traditional anal plug.

For beginners in anal play, it's helpful to use a traditional plug with separate sections. This toy will allow you to safely explore every corner of your anus, so you shouldn't ignore it. The traditional butt plug could have enormous or tiny beads that make it easy for you to insert them into your anus.

• Anal plug for training.

Encourage you to buy the training plug during your search for the types of anal beads. It is a kit with which you will have several types of anal beads for you to use at the right time. It would help if you only focused on using the most miniature plug in the kit and increasing its size over time.

How should one use anal beads in general terms?

Now that you know the four most traded types of anal beads on the market, you should know how to use them in simple terms. These toys are easy to use because all you have to do is:

Step 1:

Find the anal plug you want to play with, considering your balls' size and length. You, as a beginner, should consider using the butt plug that has a minimum size so that you can satisfy yourself without risk.

Step 2:

Clean the anal plug if necessary because it may have dust or another contaminating agent. You can clean the toy with hot water or alcohol before using it.

Step 3:

After you check that the anal beads are clean, you will need to apply a few drops of lubricant to their surface. This way, you will ensure that the toy is inserted quickly and safely into the cavity of your anus. Do not feel limited to using lubricant in the anus so that you do not feel pain during penetration.

Step 4:

Remove the anal beads, clean them again and store them in a safe place in your closet. You can use the anal beads as many times a week as you want as long as you don't harm your body.

Use of anal beads for beginners

If you are new to anal beads, you may need to heed some essential tips. As a fan of these sex games, you should do the following:

 Purchase the appropriate anal beads where the size is minimal and their length does not exceed 50cm. The diameter of these bare balls could be 6 centimeters, a standard measurement for safe penetration. In case you find a smaller anal bulb, do not refrain from buying it to practice.

 After purchasing and having the anal beads at home, you must clean them patiently to eliminate bacteria traces. The idea is that when you prepare to do these games, you try to prepare the whole area. That is, clean the anal balls, place clean towels near the bed, and have the lubricant very close.

 If you do not have the oil for the anal plug and your desire to use it is immense, you could resort to the alternatives. Use semen to lubricate the anal beads or spit them out to insert them into your anus easily.

 Start the game by inserting the minor account, do not rush the process, and try to enjoy it to the fullest. After you insert the first account successfully, start inserting the second one even slower.

 After introducing all the beads of the anal plug, you should leave it in your anus for a few minutes. You will feel a tingling in your body and a lot of energy because of the excitement. Just enjoy every second with anal beads.

 Now you will have to slowly remove the beads from the anal plug, but keeping firm so that the process is not tedious. If it is necessary to apply lubricant to your anus so that the ball comes out more quickly, do not limit yourself to doing it.

Lubricants for anal beads: Which is the best?

For you to have a great experience with anal play, it is good to use the correct lubricant for the situation. In this sense, you will come across several types of lubricants, among which the following stand out:

• Anesthetic lubricant

It is beneficial for novice players looking to insert the plug into their anus for the first time. After you apply the lubricant, you will feel how your butt area will go to sleep after a few minutes. However, if you overuse this lube, you will likely not feel anything in the game, which could be depressing.

• Dilator lubricant.

You could choose to buy the dilating lubricant if you want to experience the game to the fullest but without as much pain. It is a category lubricant for game fans who seek to insert more things into their anus daily.

• Relaxing lubricant.

You also have the right to use the relaxing lubricant during anal play with your partner or alone. In this case, you will use an oil that will numb the area partially so that you do not feel so much pain, but you do think that rubbing.

• Simple anal lubricant.

Last, you can use the simple anal lube for the game. If you want to have the best experience during anal exploration, the ideal is that you use this type of lubricant. In quality-price, the product is perfect, so it is another reason for you to buy it.

5 Tips for using anal beads porn

To promote the use of anal beads on your body, you should consider some tips such as:

1. Maintain good hygiene

If you want to play with anal beads daily, you should maintain good hygiene with the toy. In this way, you would avoid contracting an infection that could bring you severe illnesses in the long run. The bacteria in anal beads are natural, so you should not underestimate them during use.

Ideally, before and after using the anal toys, you limit the toys to plenty of warm water. You can also support cleaning with a particular product for sex toys or simply bath soap. Finally, you must store the anal sex toys in a box that prevents dust absorption.

2. Do not limit yourself to the use of lubricant.

You should know that the anus does not lubricate itself, so you must use a special lubricant during its stimulation. The next tip that you can take to play with the anal plug is that you do not limit yourself with the use of lubricant.

The goal is for you to have fun playing the game without any embarrassing accidents. One such accident could be injuring your anus. If this happens, you may need to go to the hospital for treatment.

It is good that you not only proceed to lubricate the anal beads before inserting them into the area but also your anus. This way, you will check that you have enough lubricant for the toy to pass quickly and smoothly.

 You can use a silicone-based lubricant, although you should consider that this product will damage the toy. For this reason, you could choose to buy plain lubricant or water-based lubricant, although the latter tends to dry very quickly.

3. Combine vibrating anal beads with masturbation.

If you want to enjoy multiple orgasms, you could combine anal beads with masturbation. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can play these games to feel your body's excitement.

With double masturbation, you will also get to know your body and the limits it has for now. You can train to withstand this dual stimulation for longer and, over the months, become an expert. These exercises might be helpful if you're thinking of getting double penetrated at some point.

4. If you use the toy as a couple, it promotes communication.

If you decide to use anal beads as a couple, you should promote communication and not make the moment look cold. Ideally, it would help if you talked to your partner long before using the toy to explain what goals you want to achieve. After your partner understands your wishes and respects them, you will only have to get into the game.

You can create a code word to indicate to your partner that something is wrong while using anal beads. You can also tell your boy or girl what your limits are so that they can introduce the anal ball in a controlled way. This type of sexual game promotes communication between couples, trust, and the security they will have for each other.

5. Use anal plugs with other sexual games.

As the last piece of advice that you should take while using anal plugs, do not refrain from using other toys at the same time. You could buy the butt plugs, a dildo, and a cock ring to mix and match. You'll be driving double stimulation into your body which could be great if you want multiple orgasms.

These games will also open up your curious side, motivating you to go further and further while using them. You should only lose the fear of sexual play and try to promote it in your life as soon as possible.


Anal beads are one of many toys you could buy online and frequently use on your body. You must encourage yourself to experiment with this toy and have your own opinion about its usefulness.

You can use the anal beads alone at home or with your partner, making it a versatile toy. These balls can also be used with other sex toys to boost double stimulation in sex life. You have to take the initiative to buy the anal plug and have that characteristic spirit to use it.

However, during the use of the anal toy, you will have to follow some tips so that your experience is not affected. You should only use a generous amount of lubricant and stimulate yourself as slowly as possible. In this way, you could avoid fissures in the anus or not enjoy the moment because you were too fast.

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