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Sex Swing

If you use a sex swing correctly and add the necessary accessories, it may elevate your romantic life. Although sex swings are a lot of fun, if you've never used one before, they can also be a little intimidating. We'll cover all you need to know about sex swings in this guide so you can have more fun in the bedroom.

What is a sex swing?

A sex swing is a unique swing explicitly made for having sex. It lets one partner hang out of the air, on a door, or on the other partner's body. It is composed of a microsuede, leather, nylon, or cotton seat or sling that is fastened to ropes or chains that are dangling from the ceiling or frame.

Depending on the position, the person utilizing the swing stands in front of them or behind them while their companion sits in the seat or sling. This opens up new and thrilling sexual positions by enabling the person in the swing to be lifted off the ground and held in midair.

Sex swings come in a range of forms, from primary and uncomplicated to intricate and equipped with vibrators, built-in restraints, and other amenities. Overall, even with a learning curve, it's a fantastic, sexy substitute for BDSM or sex toys.

Why are sex swings so much fun?

Nothing compares to a swing when it comes to enjoying yourself in bed. A sex swing can bring a whole new level of excitement to your sexual life, whether you use it alone or with your significant other.

To begin with, swings are just plain unique and enjoyable. They let you try poses and movements you would have needed to consider. They can also include a sense of adventure and suspense.

Even those who have used sex swings before will love discovering all the advantages of this device. They're so much fun just because they're a new method to pleasure your body, but they're even more astounding since you can swing with a partner in so many different configurations. Furthermore, having one doesn't even require a sex room.


Different types of sex swings

There is a wide variety of sex swings available on the market nowadays. However, traditional ones are still a favorite option for many couples. Let's get more into the top ones.

Traditional sex swings

Conventional sexual swings are intended to sustain your body weight during intercourse, enabling you to experiment with different positions and accomplish more profound penetration. Furthermore, they might be a fantastic approach to liven up the bedroom.

You will need to go through the installation process because traditional sex swings often hang from the ceiling and have two straps and stirrups. Ensure you verify the weight limit and the proper setup procedures to ensure your safety.

Lastly, if this is your first time utilizing the swing, get some practice and consider the ideal positions. You can find the perfect positions by reading the following sections.

Door sex swing

For several reasons, door sex swings are among the most widely used varieties available in the market. They allow you to be suspended against the door while your spouse has their way with you; they are usually made of nylon.

The majority of door sex swings feature movable straps that let you alter the penetration depth, angle, and height. They are, therefore, ideal for couples who wish to try out various positions. You may still enjoy door sex swings even if you don't have a lot of space because they are pretty simple to set up and take down.

They're also well-liked because of their reasonable price. A door sex swing could be precisely what you need if you're seeking a method to liven up your sexual life.

Body sex swings

The average body sex swing is made to be used with a partner; unlike the classic style or door swings, it comprises a seat that you strap yourself into and is attached to your partner's body. The harness can be adjusted by the wearing partner with the help of handles and leg straps. Although this swing is undoubtedly more challenging to use than the ones mentioned above, it will get you both heated up.

Sex slings

Sex slings are perfect for something a little more portable. They are excellent substitutes for the ones above because they function similarly to hammocks and are more comfortable for the swinging partner. These slings, which may be hung from the ceiling or come with a frame, are ideal for bringing excitement into your life. However, remember that they are more costly, particularly the leather ones.

How to stay safe when using a best sex swing?

It's crucial to use caution when utilizing a sex swing to protect yourself. Make sure the swing is securely fastened first. Incorrect attachment could lead it to collapse while in use and possibly result in serious injuries, particularly if you attach it from a height or have your partner fall on their back.

Naturally, you will want to ensure that it is attached safely; if your door is old or your dropped ceiling isn't the most sturdy, you should consider another location. These are meant to be enjoyed during sex, not to cause you any harm.

Secondly, exercise caution when entering and exiting the swing. You don't want to sustain injuries from a fall. Finally, start cautiously. Become comfortable with the swing's feel before attempting any acrobatic maneuvers. You may experience the thrill and fun of a sex swing without running the danger of getting hurt by adhering to these easy safety precautions.

How to clean a sex swing?

Any sex toy should be cleaned, especially after using it with a partner. Swings are also not the most accessible sex toys to clean, but they are one of the most exciting. First, remove the straps and give them a cold water wash in the washing machine. This will stop the straps from shrinking and keep them intact.

A special soap designed for cleaning sex toys should be used to clean the leather or plastic components.

After washing everything, place the cotton components and straps on low heat or air dry in the dryer. You could also let them dry outside.

Remember that the liquid in the sex swings is thick, so it may take a while for it to dry, so be careful to squeeze them out sometimes.

Best sex positions to try on sex swings

As you are probably aware, having sex swings is the latest ideal method to experience new positions and breathe fresh life into your partnership. Which are the best spots, though? Let's review the top ones to give a try.

Doggy style

Doggy style offers a unique perspective and enables deeper penetration, making it an excellent position for sex swings. The extra movement provided by the swing contributes to a more enjoyable experience. The doggie style also allows both partners to participate more actively.


There's a reason the missionary position is a classic: it works. The missionary position is a fantastic and comfortable place to start when it comes to sex swings. Thanks to its steadiness, you can go more profoundly because of the swing's extra support, and it will be simple to hit all the correct locations. Furthermore, there's something seductive about having total power over your spouse while hovering in midair.


The female partner can control the penetration depth and speed by assuming the cowgirl position, allowing her to go as quickly or as deep as she desires. In addition, the male partner can clitoris or breast-stir his partner with his hands. Plus, your partner can see more of your body because of the swing's increased height. When you're bouncing around on a sex swing, things can become wild, so make sure to hang on tight.


One of the most inventive ways to utilize this new instrument is the 69 position. Sex swings offer a distinctive method to enjoy sexual pleasure. In this pose, both parties are airborne and enjoy the sensation of being up in the air while engaging in oral sex.

The male lies down on the sex swing first; then, the partner should come on top to enter the 69 position.

Even though doing the 69 on a sex swing is exhilarating, you have to make sure you don't over the weight restriction beforehand. It is not what you want to happen to you if there is too much strain on the swing.

Squatting with your face

The male partner sits on the floor beneath the vulva-owning spouse when she squats down or sits in the sex swing.

If both parties agree, this position is fantastic for femdom since it puts you in total control and allows you to get a nice view of your spouse while they're sultry. Additionally, swinging around and experimenting with various speeds and angles is entertaining.

Are you ready to swing?

Although they might add some enjoyment to your sexual life, sex swings should only be used properly and securely. A sex swing can spice up your bedroom activities with excitement and pleasure, provided you take the appropriate safety measures.

We're sure you'll make the most of your sex swing with all the positions we've mentioned here, regardless of who is sitting down or who is the dominating partner. Do you have any experience utilizing a sex swing? How did it turn out for you?

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