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Open Mouth Gag

Deciding on the correct type of gag for your BDSM play or erotic exploration involves understanding the differences in style, fit, and the specific sensation each gag is designed to elicit. Gags are primarily used to restrict speech and, depending on the type can affect the wearer's ability to breathe through their mouth. Here's a guide to help you choose between the most popular types of gags:

Ball Gags

  • Description: Ball gags have a silicone sphere that fits behind the teeth, effectively filling the mouth. This type of gag is ideal for those looking to inhibit speech and significantly create a sense of submission.
  • Varieties: They are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different mouth sizes and comfort levels. Some models, like the Sabersmyth ball gags, feature small holes in the ball to facilitate breathing.
  • Considerations: The key to selecting a ball gag is finding the right size; too large can cause jaw discomfort, while too small may not provide the desired level of speech restriction.

Ring Gags

  • Description: Ring gags feature an O-ring, made entirely of silicone or metal coated with silicone, that sits behind the teeth. This gag keeps the mouth open, allowing access to the mouth and tongue without entirely blocking speech or breathing.
  • Uses: Ideal for those interested in oral play as it keeps the mouth open and accessible while restricting speech to some extent.
  • Considerations: Ensure the ring size is appropriate; too large can strain the jaw, while too small may not achieve the desired openness.

Bit Gags

  • Description: Bit gags consist of a long silicone bar on which the wearer bites down. This style is less about filling the mouth and more about restricting speech by occupying the mouth.
  • Suitability: Perfect for individuals who find discomfort in widely opening their mouth or prefer a gag that allows for more natural mouth closure around the gag.
  • Considerations: The bit gag's length and diameter are important factors. It should be comfortable to bite down on without causing jaw fatigue over time.

Making Your Choice

When choosing a gag, consider the following factors:

  • Comfort: The wearer's comfort with mouth opening, jaw endurance, and breathing preferences are crucial.
  • Desired Effect: Whether the goal is complete speech inhibition, oral accessibility, or the psychological effect of wearing a gag.
  • Safety: Always prioritize gags that allow clear breathing signals and are made of body-safe materials.

Experimenting with different types of gags can be exhilarating to explore power dynamics and submission in your play. Always communicate with your partner about comfort levels, safe words (or signals when speech is restricted), and preferences to ensure everyone involved's safe and enjoyable experience.

When exploring the world of gags, it's essential to consider your desires and comfort levels to ensure the experience is both enjoyable and safe. Here's how to navigate the selection based on specific preferences:

Mouth Fit

  • Fullness vs. Openness: If you seek the sensation of filling your mouth, ball gags, especially in smaller sizes, offer a sense of fullness without overextending your jaw. Ring gags, conversely, keep the mouth open without filling it, providing a different type of submission experience. Bit gags rest more towards the front and can impact the cheeks slightly, offering a unique placement.

Jaw Comfort

  • TMJ or Jaw Pain: Individuals with jaw pain or TMJ issues might find bit gags more comfortable due to the minimal stretch required and the option to bite down gently. Tiny ball gags are another viable option, offering fullness without demanding too much from the jaw.

Drool Factor

  • Drool Production: If the aim is to induce drooling, ball gags are the top choice as they prevent the mouth from closing and managing saliva. Ring and bit gags can also lead to drooling but might offer slightly more control than a thoroughly filling ball gag.

Mouth Access

  • Maintaining Oral Access: For those who wish to keep the wearer's mouth accessible for various activities, ring gags are ideal. Depending on the gags and the objects' sizes, they allow for the insertion of objects, food, drink, and potentially a phallus. This aspect requires careful consideration of the ring's dimensions to ensure compatibility and safety.

Strap Fit

  • Comfort and Security of Straps: Traditional gags that secure around the back of the neck might slip or cause discomfort during movement. An alternative is gagged with straps that encircle the crown of the head, such as those offered by Sabersmyth, which provide a more secure and comfortable fit without pulling on the neck.

Making Your Choice

When selecting a gag, consider the following to enhance your experience:

  • Communication and Safewords: Discuss preferences and limits with your partner and establish a non-verbal safeword or signal.
  • Material Safety: Choose gags made from body-safe materials like silicone, especially if you have sensitivities or allergies.
  • Ease of Removal: Consider how quickly and easily a gag can be removed, particularly important for beginners or those exploring gags for the first time.

Gags can significantly enrich BDSM play or kinky exploration by adding a layer of dominance, submission, and communication. Understanding and respecting your desires and limitations allows you to choose a gag that adds excitement and pleasure to your experiences.

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