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Open Mouth Gag

Are you interested in blending into BDSM scenes? One of the most well-known devices used to induce a sense of subservience, submission, and loss of control is the ball gag, which you may already be familiar with if you've ever been attracted to the concept of becoming a submissive (or "sub"). 

This delusional tool, often referred to as an oral restraint, robs the user of their capacity for verbal speech, communication, and self-advocacy. This startling feeling might make you feel immediately out of control. Plus, it can become boiling. ;) You've come to the right place if you or a partner are interested in learning more about ball gags, their usage, and their rationale.


How to choose a ball gag

It would help if you first spoke with the person or people who will be your ball gag partner(s). What do you all hope to get out of the encounter? What boundaries, fears, and desires do you have? Many tools can help you have a big conversation about ball gags if it's your first time talking about it.

Choose a gag that prevents talking but isn't too small. Make sure it's big enough. That way they can't speak. But be careful, if it's too small they can still talk. The idea is to have them in this state of submission.

You should then perform your "safe actions." You'll want an agreement on what specific terms mean because the sub won't be able to use a safe phrase, and they won't be able to talk.

For instance, Sparks suggests that the partner who is being gagged tap you with one, two, or three fingers to say something like, "This is amazing! "I think I could use a break," or "Stop now." If they are confined and unable to use their hands to tap, she advises giving them a squeaky toy to grasp.

Additional crucial safety advice: Sparks advises against leaving someone wearing a gag unattended or without a clear, unhindered vision of them. The same goes for someone who is restrained. If they get an anxiety attack or are unable to breathe, you should be able to release them right away. It's essential to keep near because we never know what might trigger someone until we're deep into a role play.


Types of ball gags

In BDSM, any object can be used as a ball gag. People are constantly creating new sex accessories for this purpose.

Ball gags, however, are simply one type of device that prevents users from speaking or expressing themselves intelligibly. While there are a few distinct variations, the same result can be obtained with other specially designed instruments: loss of oral control. We will also discuss those.

As with any BDSM activity, it's critical to understand your tool's safety limitations. Using a BDSM gag with adjustable straps and a quick-release feature is smart for beginners. You want to be able to turn off the gadget in case something goes wrong swiftly. Play that is safe and consensual is crucial.


Ball gag

The ball gag is first introduced; straps fastened to the sides encircle the wearer's head. In essence, the ball holds the mouth open by stuffing it. This kind of play gear device has balls in various sizes, which is fantastic! 

Not everyone has the same mouth size. Small Subservient Sub may not be able to use the Giant Grapefruit Gag if their mouth is small. Using a gag can be uncomfortable but should not make conditions like TMJ disorders worse. The discomfort is part of the fun. It's time to get smaller if prolonged use hurts your jaw.

A ball gag, like all sex toys, can be constructed from various materials. Materials like silicone or body-safe PVC are good for items that go in your mouth because they resist germs. Never share unwashed gags—silicone balls or otherwise—unless the recipients have given their consent to get their mouths touched.


Wiffle gag

Have you ever wished you could breathe more easily while something is in your mouth? The waffle gag is a good choice for a ball gag. It allows for easier breathing with its breathable design, but the wearer cannot talk while wearing it. This could be a good fit for you if you're a huge fan of ball gags but find breathing difficult.

Instead of using waffle balls, it's better to get a silicone gag for BDSM play. It's easier to clean, safer for your body, and has breathing holes and safety features. You can find them at toy stores.


Bit gag

This kind of gag resembles a horse's mouthpiece (bit) and functions by being pulled between the wearer's teeth. It is called a cleave gag. It goes well with pony play, a BDSM subcategory in which two people take turns pretending to be horses and horse trainers. 

Gag shouldn't be constructed of metal (unlike for real horses) to preserve the wearer's teeth. Taking care of your "good pony" by chipping its teeth isn't precisely appropriate ownership. Ensure the bit is wrapped with leather or silicone to withstand some biting without requiring an urgent dental visit.

Since bit gags are often smaller than others, they are more comfortable if the wearer has trouble keeping their jaw open.


Ring gag

An open-mouth gag could be the ideal choice for your kinky play if you'd prefer to always have your mouth open for convenience. 

A ring gag, also known as an open-mouth gag, prevents the mouth from closing fully. It does this by using a large ring that sits behind the teeth to keep the mouth open. The wearer of this bondage gag can always have their lips open, ready to be examined, or used to put objects (hey!). 

Remember that even while this kind of gag permits a certain amount of verbal communication on the user's part, you should still have a reliable method of obtaining consent. For the highest level of safety and sexual health, you should always know a few nonverbal safe behaviors to employ. #laughlife.


Lip gag

This practical device is an O-ring gag that resembles false lips and forces the wearer always to keep their mouth open. These lip gags are embarrassing because they can make the wearer appear foolish and constrictive in that they can limit movement. 

With gags like this, the wearer's mouth is always open, so carefully watch for saliva accumulation. The purpose of this kind of device is not to drown in drool, so use lip gags responsibly and avoid lying face-up or upside-down for extended periods when both mouths are open.


Penis gag

All these jokes are hilarious, but wouldn't it be nice to take it a step further? Instead, try a penis-in-mouth joke.

It's similar to a ball gag. However, the object within the wearer's mouth is a firm, possibly veiny "penis" rather than a ball. Explicitly designed for this function, penis gags do not present the same choking hazard as regular dildos.


Spider gag

This smart design keeps the lips open like a lip gag or ring, using hooks to keep the mouth open constantly. Spit buildup can be an issue, so don't hang upside down like Spider-Man for too long.


Butterfly gag

This joke gets out of control! Because it's within a mouth, it can sadly not fly, but it can give you a flutter. The butterfly gag gets its name from the two "wings" that appear when it is pumped full of air. 

This inflatable gag's shape resembles a butterfly once it has transformed from limp and flaccid to fun-sized. However, it is similar to a butterfly you feed on for a time because it's what you do. This gag gets bigger in the wearer's mouth, making them feel like they are getting bigger and out of control. Cunning.


Panel gag

This kind of joke is the Fabric-Over-the-Face joke you see on TV and in movies. Sometimes, it's simply a plain tie; other times, it's an intricately designed imitation leather garment with a head harness, demonstrating to passersby how passionate the wearer is about leather. 

This kind of harness gag might be an excellent way to start slowly for someone new to using gags. The handy leather strap over the face is low on the block-the-mouth feeling but high on the prevent-you-from-speaking feeling.


Tape gag

Contrary to what you might have seen in movies, duct tape isn't used to make tape gags. For a tape gag, avoid using duct tape. Users of tape gags do not experience the injury, suffering, or discomfort caused by putting duct tape on the skin. This is because tape gags are made from a special type of tape that is safe for the body. 

Bondage tape is an affordable, legitimate product that offers all the tape gags you could ever want without the horrifying consequences of other, crueler tapes.


Why use a ball gag?

Ball gags can be used for reasons other than sex. They don't need to be used with other BDSM items like cock rings or nipple clamps. This is true even during planned sessions.

Some jokes are used to demonstrate complete surrender. This helps individuals avoid feeling like they need to be in control constantly in their environment. Without the need for sexual pleasure, venting and accepting one's role as the other can be incredibly relieving.

However, employing a ball gag can also be very seductive. According to Sparks, "For some people, giving up control and power can be stimulating both mentally and sexually." In contrast, "having someone trust you enough to voluntarily cede control knowing that you will protect them and be responsible is also a big ego boost if not sexually arousing for the one in the dominant position."

Using a ball gag rapidly conveys a sense of helplessness and submission. It's a simple way to make someone feel helpless by stopping them from talking or moving their mouth. This is usually only done at the dentist, like with a dental chair spider gag. 

"[A]nother factor some may find appealing is that, by being unable to talk, it sort of transforms you from a person to an object," says Dr. Justin Lehmiller, research fellow at the Kinsey Institute. Some people find it interesting how depersonalization in BDSM helps them be more present and stop overthinking during play.


More bdsm open mouth gag safety tips

Start by donning them for a brief period. After ten to fifteen minutes, could you do it again? This can help the mouth become used to opening and closing for extended lengths of time, and with some experience, you can find that wearing a gag is comfortable for much longer.

Furthermore, just because wearing a gag worked today doesn't indicate it will tomorrow. Gags have a substantial effect that you can only sometimes anticipate.

Many people struggle with helplessness or being uncontrollably out of control. It could feel terrifying at times or sublime at others. Give yourself some time to watch the person wearing the gag to make sure they are comfortable and not freaking out.

Ball gag wearers are susceptible, so you should never leave them alone! Negative things can occur.Mouths aren't always kept open, and wearing one while experiencing jaw problems like TMJ can be painful.

Try out gag gadgets as often as possible; the best ball gag is the one you know. Move slowly. To keep your mouth from opening wide for an extended period, use a minor gag, like a cleave gag, if you have jaw problems but are still gagging (ha).

Remember that there can be metal allergies if the gag contains exposed metal. Some people's skin may become irritated by prolonged metal exposure.

Like sex toys, gags require regular cleaning in between episodes of naughty, filthy, and nasty behavior. If you can, sterilize them after cleaning them with warm water and a small amount of soap. Do this, mainly when you are with someone. 

Lastly, we are aware that it can be challenging to know how to express your true desires for sex. It can also be uncomfortable to bring up the idea that you desire to control or submit to your spouse. But if not to occasionally err on the side of caution, what good is life? 

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