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Anal Hook

What is an Anal Hook?

A hook-shaped object, an anal hook, is often composed of stainless steel. Usually, the hook has a ring on one end that can be fastened to bondage ropes and a ball or bulb on the other that is placed into the wearer's anus. They can be used for temperature play or masturbation, but they are most commonly employed as an extreme form of restriction and are excellent for predicament play. You'll get goosebumps just looking at the industrial style and cold, hard steel—in a good way!


Every bondage hook has a steel ball at the end and a hoop on one side, all made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The insertable length is on the shorter side of the hook and varies between models. This anal sex toy can be fastened to a leather harness or ropes to provide a firm grip on the user. Adjust the rope's tension and get ready for some exciting bondage adventures!

Choose from a range of metal anal hooks to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hood with a single ball in different sizes. It comes in diameters ranging from 20 mm (0.78") to enormous 90 mm (3.54") balls. 

Hooks that have replaceable or numerous balls. Put your desired bulbs in and turn them on. 

Anal ball hook is absent. She was utilized as a metal butt plug in role-playing bondage.

Anal and vaginal hooks for dilemma bondage. This will maintain the rope bunny's chastity and provide the illusion of twofold penetration. 


How should you utilize your shiny new steel anal hook?

It is crucial to remember that this item is intended for use in anal bondage sessions and is unisex. Because it can stimulate the prostate in the appropriate location, men adore having an ass hook.

1. Place the stainless steel anal hook within your partner or yourself. 

2. Thread a rope through the O-ring and fasten it securely with a knot.

3. Fasten the rope's opposite end to another object.

Anal hook applications in BDSM scenes include:

Utilize a shibari ring to use it as suspension bondage.

Tie your sub's hair with a rope at the end (preferably on a female), and it will hold her in a sultry bent position. 

For anal training, utilize the various sized stainless steel balls. While you insert the hook more profound into the asshole, picture your slave sucking your cock on her knees.


The sensation of being compressed and crammed with steel. A bondage hook won't stretch anything the same way as a traditional dildo—only the enormous ball will accomplish that. Everything will rely on how tightly the pull is pulled.

As with anal beads, the actual insertion will depend on the diameter of the ball. Your anus nerves will be stimulated when a ball crosses the sphincter, and it is delightful to do this back and forth. 

Men can use the ass hook to stimulate and grind their prostates; you can even experience an orgasm.

You can incorporate temperature play to enrich your experiences further by preheating the hook or freezing it before inserting it.


Use caution when handling them since improper use can result in harm. A forceful tug on the steel hook could cause severe damage to the person. Thus, take it slow and begin with little balls and light tugs.

Before entering into more serious anal hook bondage, it is crucial to have a conversation with your partner about what is comfortable, appropriate positions, etc. 

Use a safe word and show respect for the dominant in any BDSM encounter. If there is severe pain, stop immediately to avoid getting anus tears.

Please verify that the metal hook has no sharp edges and that all of its edges are smooth.

How is an anal hook used?

Keep in mind that using anal hooks necessitates full knowledge of BDSM procedures, appropriate communication, and informed consent from all participants. It is advised that you get advice from seasoned practitioners or licensed BDSM instructors if you're interested in trying out anal hooks or any other BDSM activity. They can offer accurate information and guarantee a safe and consensual encounter.

It is crucial to use an anal hook safely to protect everyone's comfort and well-being. For those who are thinking about adding an anal hook to their BDSM routines, the following general recommendations are provided:

Education and Consent

Inform yourself and your partner(s) of the risks, safety precautions, and appropriate usage of an anal hook before using one. Ensure that all people giving consent are well-informed and willing to participate.

Communication and Safewords

It's essential to communicate openly and constantly. Before starting the exercise, discuss expectations, boundaries, and any worries. Establish a signal or safeword that the submissive can use to say when it's time to stop.

Emergency Plan

Prepare an emergency plan in case problems or difficulties occur while playing the game. This plan should include a safeword or signal to cease operations immediately.

Experience Level

Make sure that BDSM play and anal activities are familiar to both the dominant and submissive parties. A thorough awareness of safety precautions and associated hazards is necessary while using an anal hook.

Anal Hook Size and Material

Select an anal hook that fits the experience level of the submissive. Use materials safe for the body, such as medical-grade silicone or stainless steel.


Before using, make sure the anal hook is clean and sanitized. Use a mild soap and warm water to thoroughly clean it, and you can use a specialty toy cleaner.

Body Preparation

It is essential for the submissive partner to feel at ease and ready for the activity. To assist the body in adjusting and to enhance comfort, use foreplay, light massage, and relaxation techniques.


When inserting, apply a premium water-based lubricant to the anal area and the hook to improve comfort and lessen friction. Lubricate the anus and the anal hook simultaneously.

Positioning the Hook

Carefully and slowly insert the anal hook. Make sure it's firmly and comfortably in place. The loop or ring end needs to be external to the body for attachment.

Attaching the Hook

Make sure the ropes, chains, or other bondage tools are securely fastened to the anal hook without being overly tight. Steer clear of overstretching the anus or the hook.

Monitoring the Submissive

Throughout the scenario, consider the submissive's comfort and general well-being. Ensure they aren't in too much pain or anguish by checking in with them regularly.

Limiting Play

Keep the anal hook out of your mouth for as long as possible. Take frequent rests and make sure your circulation isn't hampered.

Safe Removal

Before you take out the anal hook, let the victim know what you want to do to make sure she's ready. Remove the hook, being careful and delicate while doing so. Please verify that the subordinate is positioned comfortably and urge them to express unease.


Provide the submissive aftercare following the play session. This could entail assurance, emotional support, and physical comfort.

Types of anal hook

You may not be aware, but there are various kinds of anal hooks! Crazy, isn't that right? Not that we knew either! However, there is! Now let's look at some of the various anal hook types available!

  • One piece – As the name implies, these one-piece anal hooks are constructed from a single, solid piece of metal. There are no items that you can remove or add. That is the way things are. Not that that's a terrible thing—one-piece anal hooks are powerful, complex, and penetrate deeply!
  • Removable ball – Have you ever wanted to experiment with an anal hook without the ball? Well, you can do just that with detachable ball anal hooks! Take out the ball for an entirely new experience. This results in an anal hook that is more versatile, thrilling, and intense.
  • Multiple balls – About flexible anal hooks, some models come with several balls. You can rearrange, stack, or use them however you see fit. You may genuinely customize your anal masturbating experience with it! A fascinating BDSM anal hook that might be utilized for suspending an anal hook!
  • No ball – Want to keep things straightforward and uncomplicated? Not a problem! Anal hooks without balls are just as enjoyable as those with, and even though the feelings aren't as strong, they're still very much orgasmic.

Things to think about before buying a hooker anal

  • What material should you use? – Anal hooks are typically composed of materials that are tougher, more enduring, and simpler to clean. Anal hooks made of stainless steel are well-liked because they are solid and uncompromising, but they are also fantastic for temperature play. However, anal hooks are also available in materials including silicone, latex, and glass.
  • How experienced are you? – If you are new to utilizing anal hooks, you should not dive right in with a large, hideous-looking one. Take things slowly, start modestly, and don't overestimate your handling capacity. It's all about enjoying yourself and trying new things, so don't be scared to taste the flavors and grow used to smaller anal hooks before moving on to larger hooks meant for more seasoned users.
  • How do you plan to use it? – Anal hooks are helpful for several purposes. Masturbation, adventures in solitary sex, companionable enjoyment, and even group fun! However, the type of anal hook you should purchase depends on how you intend to use it. If you are using it by yourself, you should have greater control and maneuverability than if you give up whole control and let your spouse or partners use it on you!


What are the best anal hook positions?

People frequently use bondage rope to bind anal hooks to other body parts. The following are some ideas for combining anal hooks with additional restraints:

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