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Anal Masturbator

Adding some spice to your sex life can be achieved through anal masturbation. Learning how to masturbate anally is easy. Just get comfortable, use some lube on your finger, and gently insert it into your anus. Once you see what feels right, make adjustments.


There's a good reason why most people enjoy masturbating: it's enjoyable and joyful, and it makes you happy. 

Although a lot of individuals seem to concentrate on ordinary masturbation, have you ever attempted anal masturbation as well?

With good reason, anal play has been growing in popularity. 

It can be pretty enjoyable, mainly if you've done your homework to get the most incredible anal dildo.

I'll cover what you need to know about anal masturbation today.

Now, let's get started!

What Is Anal Masturbation?

Anal masturbation involves stimulating your prostate, rectum, and anus for a pleasurable sexual experience. 

That means that caressing your anus for pleasure on your own is essentially anal masturbation.

Why Should You Try It?

Because our anus has so many nerve endings, anal masturbation can be incredibly enjoyable. 

There's talk of an A-spot for females that causes orgasms comparable to those caused by G-spot stimulation. 

Men can find stimulating the prostate, located inside the anus, very pleasurable. 

In a pair or alone, it can also liven up your sexual life. 

If you enjoy trying new things, consider exploring anal masturbation to expand your sexual experiences.

Let's have a quick discussion about getting ready for anal play:

How To Prepare For Anal Masturbation?

If you want to enjoy a sexual experience to the fullest, you need always prepare yourself. 

Now, let's look at a few preparations for pleasure that I advise you to make for your anal play:

#1: Your Hygiene Is Important

Playing when you're clean and fresh is usually more enjoyable.

Therefore, it could be a good idea to shower or perhaps bathe in preparation for your masturbation session. 

If you're pressed for time, a fresh baby or wet wipe should work just as well. 

It can be good to wait for better days if you're not feeling well and things are a little off down there. Try to empty your bowels one hour before you want to play. 

Maintaining good hygiene also involves cleaning your hands and cutting your nails.

If you're not groomed, it's pretty easy to tear and scratch your anus because there are a lot of bacteria under your nails. 

Thus, before inserting that finger within your anus, trim your nails and wash your hands. 

After enjoying some great anal play, you don't want any bacteria or illnesses, do you?

Before engaging in deeper anal masturbation, it's a good idea to clean yourself by douching to make sure you're prepared."

#2: Lube It Up!

You must have a lot of lubricant ready because your anus does not lubricate itself as the vagina or even a penis does. 

In this regard, don't be timid because using the wrong lubricant or not enough of it can ruin the pleasure. 

As with everything, water-based lubricants work best and allow for reapplication without concern about buildup or cleanup. 

Silicone lubricant may not be a good choice for using with toys because it doesn't mix well with most toy materials. However, if you want to use your fingers solely, then go ahead and try. 

An additional option would be to use oil-based lubricant, which is long-lasting yet incompatible with latex devices and anal condoms.

A different choice would be to try coconut oil, which has a pleasant scent and flavor, instead of standard oil-based lubricant.

#3: Picking The Right Toy

It's a terrific idea to include sex toys in your anal masturbation. 

However, you must exercise caution when selecting the ideal anal toy for you. 

Do you really want to start anal masturbation by using a very large dildo?

Find the ideal size and fit for your anal toys by doing some research. 

Prostate Massagers

The selection of prostate massagers offered by Aneros is a terrific option if you're searching for the ideal anal toy for playing with your prostate. Both novice and expert users can utilize them.

I suggest the Aneros Helix Syn Trident if you are new to anal masturbation.

This anal masturbator is great for novices because of its small tip and soft, squishy construction. Here is a comprehensive evaluation of the Trident.

A superior choice for advanced users who are familiar with butt plugs and dildos is the Aneros Progasm. Its size and enormous belly contribute to its feeling of "filling."

Prostate Dildos & Vibrators

Now, these are my suggestions for the top vibrators and dildos for the prostate:

For a more realistic sensation, try the Vixen Mustang (full review here).

The 7.5-inch Tantus P-Spot anal vibrator (not for beginners)

And the LELO Loki, which functions more like an upscale prostate massager.

Butt Plugs

One of my favorite butt plugs that I suggest using is Booty Buddy. I believe it would be a fantastic anal toy because it is small, discrete, and reasonably priced.

If you want something comfy, the Tantus Ryder butt plug is also a fantastic option. On the other hand, the Njoy Pure Plug is ideal for novices because it lets you start small and work your way up to medium and large. You can eventually switch to version 2.0.

Try metal butt plugs and dildos if silicone ones aren't your thing. They're easier to clean and more long-lasting.

#4: Don’t Forget To Set The Mood

Enjoying an excellent time is inevitable if you set a mod before you masturbate. 

So, light some candles, play calming music, and bathe. 

It will help you relax and enjoy the anal masturbation session much more if you put yourself in the mood for a sexual experience.

7 Ways How To Anally Masturbate: Anal Masturbating Tips And Techniques

There are numerous approaches you can take when it comes to anal masturbation.

Today, I will share some of my favorite bedroom-tested strategies and techniques.

#1: Solo Women Masturbate Anal

Women have a particularly sensitive A-spot that can only be reached via anal stimulation, as I've already described. 

While some women indicate that the orgasm they had from A-spot stimulation was identical to that from G-spot stimulation, others claim that their orgasms were more intense.

It comes down to our unique bodies, but it would be worthwhile to try it if you'd like to learn something new. 

If this is your first time, lay down in a relaxing position with your head back and elbows comfortably supported, and reach up to your anus. 

Apply some lubricant to your finger, then slide it inside your anus with ease. 

The first time, I only slid a few inches in and out. Don't go too deep. 

Take note of how your body responds and how you feel before inserting more fingers or going deeper. 

Don't worry if you don't feel it the first time. 

Try it later or when you're feeling more upbeat. It may take a few tries to find the proper position because not all ladies enjoy anal, especially when it's their first experience.

This comprehensive guide will teach you the fundamentals of anal fingering as well as the best tricks and methods.

#2: Solo Male Anal Masturbation

Nowadays, guys can experience a significant deal of sexual pleasure via anal masturbation. 

Not only does your anal have a large number of nerve endings, but it also contains a prostate. 

You can experience incredible orgasms by "milking the prostate," which eliminates the need ever to stimulate the penis. 

To begin, settle in, create a relaxing atmosphere, and let yourself go. 

After applying some lubricant to your finger, cautiously and slowly enter it into your anus. 

Please don't push yourself too hard the first time, and take it slow. 

You'll feel a bulge there once you're inside, which is your prostate. 

You may be able to get at the Big O by manipulating and stimulating your prostate. 

A little warning: Try it again, but only get worked up if it works the first time. 

To have those intense orgasms, you may need to experiment more and figure out what works best for you. Don't give up, and have fun!

#3: Don’t Forget To Involve Your Partner

This post mainly focuses on solo anal masturbation, but it's also important to consider involving partners in your activities. 

There are several approaches you can take:

When your spouse is going down on you, you can ask them to prick your anus. 

Alternatively, ask them to witness your anal masturbation; many find this to be enticing. 

While you're playing with your vagina or dick, ask your spouse to tease you anally to make it more enjoyable and collaborative. 

Just ask for it—there are many ways to involve your spouse!

A successful sexual life is always based on communication. 

#4: Switch Up Your Positions

Anal masturbation does not require you to remain still. There are choices!

You can just lay on your back and masturbate in this manner by bringing your legs up to your chest. 

Alternatively, you can roll over all fours and play fetch like a dog. 

If you're very adventurous, you can even ride a chair like a cowboy by strapping a vibrator or dildo to it. 

There are lots of options, so feel free to try new things!

#5: Bring In The Toys

We were discussing the dildos. Invest in some high-quality toys to add some interest. 

I always advise men to invest in a high-quality prostate massager. Your sexual life can be changed by it. 

Get a vibrator or dildo if you're not into prostate massagers and want something crazier.

Go wild, be imaginative, have fun, and use both your bare hands and sex devices!

#6: Multitasking Will Blow Your Mind

You can still utilize your penis or vagina while masturbating just because you're doing it through your back door. 

After all, you have two hands.

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