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Tail Plug

Tail Butt Plugs

The Tail Butt Plugs are among the most intriguing plugs; they resemble regular plugs but have a tail on the rear. These buttplugs are mostly made of silicone or metal, and they are not very large (though this isn't always the case), as the excitement of having a tail is what makes them attractive rather than the plug's diameter. The tail in these types of buttplugs gets all the attention.

They are easy to wear for extended periods and can be introduced because they are small. Additionally, because of this, they are ideal for those who prefer roleplaying to anal play.

The tails on the various kinds of tail plugs are typically used to categorize them.

What is the purpose of Tail Butt Plugs?

Tail plugs are often used in roleplaying, but talking about their common use in sex toy discussions is taboo. As you might expect, when humans perform a role, they frequently play animals or anthropomorphic creatures; this is particularly common in the furry culture. Additionally, since some are stylish and attractive, it is unusual for people to wear them just for fun.

How Butt Plug Tails are used?

Just apply lube and slide it into the rectum, just like you would with any other buttplug! And voilà!

It's crucial to go cautiously and carefully. The buttplug usage instructions are available here if you'd want additional details.

Do I have to take any special care with the tail plug?

The only extra precaution you should take is to keep the fur clean. Although the idea is straightforward, there are instances when the anal play uses a lot of lubricants and becomes a little sloppy. Additionally, you must exercise caution while choosing lubricants and ensure that the one you choose won't harm or discolor the plug's hair.

How to clean a tail plug

Generally speaking, water and neutral pH soap should be used to completely clean all sex toys. With a tail plug, nothing changes. The plug fur component can sometimes be removed, which makes the process much easier because you can wash it without worrying about the fur. However, the fur part cannot usually be separated. We offer two options if you are unable to split your plug from the fur:

Cleaning Real Fur Tail Plug:

If the fur in your tail plug must be cleaned and made of real fur, it's crucial to use just warm water and neutral soap—chemicals could harm the fur.

Simply pad the tail in the desired area with a moist cloth to finish the cleaning.

To prevent damaging the fur, it is best not to soak it. It is possible to submerge a tail if it is excessively unclean, but extra care must be used during drying.

It's crucial to let the hair air dry entirely after cleaning it before storing it. It is not advised to use a clothes dryer or a hair dryer to dry wet fur because it is easily damaged; if you must do so because you live in an area with high humidity, use cold or warm air instead of hot.

To give the hair a natural appearance, the fur should be correctly dried by hanging it, tip facing down, in a dry, aired area, and shaking it occasionally.

Cleaning Faux Fur Tail Plug:

To clean a real fur tail plug, use warm water and mild soap. Just make sure to wet the tail completely. However, we must make sure it is scorched before storing it.

Additionally, because synthetic hair is susceptible to heat, you must avoid attempting to dry the tail with a clothes dryer, hair dryer, or anything similar.

Should I buy a real or fake fur tail?

Many people are pretty hesitant to purchase and utilize actual animal fur, even though it is true that natural fur tails have a great appearance. For this reason, there are artificial fur tails that let everyone who feels uncomfortable utilizing actual skin enjoy the pleasure without feeling guilty.

Furthermore, new synthetic fur on the market is getting softer and more lifelike. Faux furs are also easier to maintain, as they enable us to construct fantasy tails in colors and forms that perfectly suit our preferences. Furthermore, synthetic fur is less expensive.

Model: long-blondie-pony-tail-silky-butt-plug-for-animal-role-play
Material: TPR+FiberSize: Tail Length Approx 50cm, Anal Plug Length 11cm,Diameter 3.5cmColor:As the pictures shows Package included:1PCS..
Ex Tax:$31.19
Model: raccoon-coat-butt-plug-tails-key-ring-chain-for-sale
Raccoon Coat Butt Plug Tails Key Ring Chain For Sale..
Ex Tax:$24.69
Model: silicone-dog-slave-tail-butt-plug-for-anus-massage
When you can make your mate into a canine you can rape, why acquire a puppy? To turn your sweetheart into a trained, submissive dog, all you have to do is purchase this silicone dog tail. From top to bottom, the butt plug is fantastic! It has a semi-teardrop-shaped head, a strong neck, a base in the..
Ex Tax:$36.39
Model: silicone-fox-tail-anal-plug-jewelry-dildo-sex-toy
Product Name : Tail metal anal plugMaterial: stainless steelProduct weight: 72gProduct length: 42cmFunction and use: backyard appliancesProduct color: as shown..
Ex Tax:$17.62
Model: smooth-bunny-tail-anal-fox-butt-plug-sex-toy
Smooth Bunny Tail Anal Fox Butt Plug Sex Toy..
Ex Tax:$46.79
Model: soft-cat-ears-fox-tail-anal-plug-with-cute-cosplay-accessories
Cosplay Toy with Chrome Metal Plug and Plush Ears HeadbandThe headband has cat ears, and the metal plug imitates a fox tail. The butt plug is smooth, mellow, and full. The front half is small, easy to put, and won't hurt your skin.Excellent for giving as a special day gift, ideal for masquerade-them..
Ex Tax:$19.49
Model: stainless-steel-faux-wolf-tail-for-women-men
Material: Artificial wool, Metal2.  Colors for selection: Grey..
Ex Tax:$37.69
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