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Penis Stretchers

How To Safely Grow Your Penis With Penis Stretcher

Would you like to see your dick grow?

Would you like to use a pump, though? These devices resemble something from Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

If you search for penis enlargement methods on Google, you'll discover that there are roughly forty such methods. Similar to weightlifting, everyone believes they have the IDEAL way to increase muscle mass—even if that muscle is your penis.

Whatever the case, all methods of enlarging the penis have one thing in common: stretching.

Stretching exercises enhance your benefits and avoid unwanted effects using tablets or pumps.

(Are you considering taking Viagra? Before obtaining a prescription, read this.)

Because penis size matters to women, I firmly believe that investing in a massive cock is one of the best decisions you can make. Stretching is excellent for the general health of your erection, even if you don't want to have a huge dick.

Strangely enough, inadequate blood supply to the penis is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction in many healthy men. Their little man doesn't receive any blood from their heart despite their excellent cardiovascular condition. Stretching, jelqing, and edging are among the exercises that can aid in the penis' blood return. 

I believe that edging is a skill that all men, regardless of age, should possess. It's a fantastic method for erections that last longer and are more robust. It's also free.

Stretching is free, just like edging. You may practice doing it right now and learn how to do it. Now, let's get going.

What Is Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching, to put it simply, is pulling on your dick longer than it naturally is.

Your penis will develop tiny tears from this exercise, and when they mend, they will grow back more substantial. This is the exact physiological mechanism that causes your biceps to enlarge when you curl barbells.

The arteries and cells in your penis elongate and open up when you stretch it. This will increase the amount of blood that enters your penis during a powerful erection.

Do Penis Stretchers Work?

Penis stretching does indeed work.

In the porn industry, my colleagues and I would work extremely hard to develop (and maintain) large penises. If you wanted to fuck like a pornstar, you had to have a huge dick.

In actuality, the more money you might make as a male pornstar, the bigger your dick would be. There's never enough big dicks (pun intended).

Dick's size was typically the deciding factor in securing a shoot or staying home. A quarter-inch expansion in length might result in thousands of extra bucks each month. As you can see, we placed a lot of importance on penis size.

Penis size matters to women as much as men. We quickly discovered that the diameter of the porn females' dicks played a significant role in their ability to orgasm.

In addition, we discovered that there are five different kinds of orgasms in women and that having a large dick made them occur more frequently.

We had to try everything to maintain our employment, requiring us to have hefty packages. I can attest to the effectiveness of penis stretching now.

Because penis stretching is so effective, there are even.

Different Stretching Techniques

Since stretching is such a helpful technique, numerous methods and devices can all be used to achieve the same goal.

Like a gym, there are various ways to perform a given exercise. You can work out with medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells, machines, cables, and your body weight. They're all instruments to achieve the same objective.

Penis stretching can also be done in a variety of methods.

Using a penis extender is one option. These delicate little devices clamp onto your penis and, when they open, extend the natural length of your flaccid penis.

You wear these devices for hours to maintain continuous stress on your member.

These are awful. All day long, a piece of metal or plastic is rubbing up against your dick. It is difficult to walk and to urinate. It is not something I would suggest.

Perhaps you could purchase penis hangers. For good reason, these aren't as popular—they hurt!

A hanger is a clamp that you place on your penis and use to suspend small weights. The hanging weights stretch your penis.

The issue is that people place far too much weight on the hangar and injure themselves because they believe they are supermen.

Instead, you may practice physical stretching and refrain from purchasing any of that junk.

As you can see, to increase length, all three employ the same method—stretching—but with different equipment.

I advise doing manual stretches. It is more user-friendly and accessible and doesn't need any special equipment. You can feel how much pressure and precisely when to apply pressure to your dick to get it to grow by using your hand.

By pushing yourself beyond what's essential for gains, using tools like hangers or extenders raises your risk of damage. Just use your hand; it won't be worth it.

What Results Can You Get With Penis Stretching?

If you've followed my blog for enough time, I am the first to call out the nonsense and be practical.

The majority of this nonsense is spread by internet scammers offering cheap gadgets.

Guess what? These salespeople are lying when they tell you that in three weeks, you can go from having a 1-inch micro-penis to a 10-inch monster wang.

But Big Mike isn't going to tell you lies. I'll let you know what's happening in the real world, not the make-believe universe these fraudsters inhabit. Alright, enough tirades.

How much stretching can you do to get longer?

First, you should start seeing effects within two months of regular practice.

Similar to any other penile enlargement, the key to success is patience and consistency.

How much extra length can you hope to achieve by stretching next?

The extent of your prior penis enlargement practice and your genetic makeup have a significant role in the outcome. One to two inches is a rough estimate.

This might not seem like much if penis enlargement is something you have never done. Instead, take a look at your dick and picture it two inches longer. Yes, that would be fantastic.

You may be concerned that stretching will be ineffective. I get it, but consider this. It's fundamental physics. Something will stretch if you tug on it hard enough. It also applies to your penis!

You will practice stretching and gain at least an inch of length if you follow my suggestions.

Penis Stretching – Complete Instructions

You may be thinking, as you read this, that you can pull on your dick to make it grow. Not really, though.

Your dick hasn't grown all that much from all the jerking off you've probably done throughout your life. Proper dick growth requires specific stretching procedures. I'll go over how to do penis stretching in detail here.

Except for the actual exercise, it's somewhat comparable if you've read my instruction on jelqing.


Put some heat on your penis to stimulate blood flow.

Use a heated washcloth if you like. After soaking it in some warm water, encircle your dick with it.

Another option is to take a warm-up shower, focusing on the flow of water over your dick. I like to warm up this way since it's calming.

In any case, try to warm up for ten minutes.

Small Chub

It's time to get ready now that you're warm. You don't want to be upright while stretching. You already know that it's pretty tricky to extend an erect penis from jacking off.

A fully floppy dick, on the other hand, won't have any blood flowing to it.

Aim for a "small chub," or 10–20% of an erection. This indicates that although you're not horny and strolling about with a raging boner, there is some blood there, and your body understands to keep it there.

Don't take Viagra to stretch if you have ED; you'll become excessively rigid. Start by learning how to achieve rock-hard erections before you begin stretching naturally. Stretching should start once you have control over your bone's strength.

Assume The Position

Avoid practicing this when seated. Pelvic floor tightening occurs when you sit. It is essential to do this while lying down, not while sitting.

Hold on tightly.

Ready to stretch? Grab your dick.

Hold On Tight

Ready to stretch? Grab your dick.

It's not as crucial the grip you use as it is with jelqing. Still, you ought to refrain from grasping your glans. Remember that the architecture of your glans prevents it from stretching. The glans won't, but your shaft will.

Gripping beneath your glans will prevent damage to your head.

It also requires no lubricant, unlike jelqing. You don't need any lube because it will make it difficult for someone to grab onto your dick.

Before stretching, you can, if you'd like, dab your hand and dick in baby powder. That will keep your dick skin nice and wet and make it easier to maintain a tight grasp, especially if you start to sweat.


It's finally time to extend. Pulling on your cock for thirty seconds will stretch it.

You decide how tense you want to be. Don't pull until you can feel your penis stretching; you don't want to cause agony. Stopping when you feel the stretch is crucial.

This isn't the gym, where your goal is to exhaust oneself. After feeling the strain, let go.

It's an easy routine. Please pull in four different directions so that you may reach every cell and angle in your penis. Stretch in a different direction and relax for three to five seconds after each stretch.

It would help if you practiced as follows:

Stretch (up) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

Stretch (down) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

Stretch (left) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

Stretch (right) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

This is one set in count.

To begin, use three sets for novices. You can perform five sets as you improve.

Practice five days a week, just as with jelqing.


As with the warm-up, cool down by placing warm water on your dick, you can take a shower or use the washcloth.

This is to ensure that blood is still entering your penis and that your muscles have had enough time to recover from the strenuous straining.

Stretching vs. Jelqing – Which Is Better?

As you are aware, I also advocate for jelqing if you have read my comprehensive guide on the subject.

Although stretching and jelqing are pretty similar, they are not the same. Which you should employ will rely on your preferences, genetics, and ambitions.

It resembles performing leg presses in the gym instead of squats to build leg strength. Your quads will grow bigger with either of these, but there are some differences between the two methods.

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