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Electric Penis Pump

Penis pumps, sometimes referred to as penis augmentation devices, are intended for people with erectile dysfunction (ED) who want to enlarge their member momentarily. As a result, this may increase confidence and improve penile health. However, the advantages don't stop there. For instance, electronic penis pumps take very little to no effort to reach the vacuum pump pressure you want.

So what is an electric penis pump exactly? With more significant suction pressure than both a manual pump and a water penis pump, this vacuum erection gadget provides the best results. Additionally, some models feature an LCD that shows additional workout-related data. To treat ED and enhance your sexual life, you can also utilize one in addition to other penile enlargement techniques.

Benefits of a Quality Electric Penis Pump

We advise you to locate a premium, medical-grade electronic penis pump designed to treat erectile dysfunction and penile enlargement. Compared to other procedures, it is comparatively safer and more economical. The advantages of a high-quality electric penis pump are listed below:

Firmer Erections

Longer erections are one advantage of using an electronic penile pump. An erection can be more powerful and stay longer when the penis is supplied with more blood flow thanks to the pump. A brief elongation of the penis is also made possible by the increased blood flow.

Enlarged Size

A penis enlargement pump is still a good alternative for growing penis size, both in terms of feel and appearance, even though it does not guarantee long-term results. The outcomes are sufficient to carry you through to the point of fulfillment. 

Increased Sensitivity

Increased sensations brought about by penis pumps make sensuality more enjoyable for the user. An electric penis pump's combination benefit of increased sensitivity and harder erections ensures more explosive releases.


Compared to other methods of penile augmentation, an electric penis pump has less danger when appropriately used. To guarantee both your safety and the efficacy of penile pumping, you must be aware of the risks and remember to take precautions before beginning.

Cheaper and Quicker

In addition to being less expensive than oral ED drugs and surgical treatments like penoplasty, it is also safer. Electronic penile pumps are more controllable and operate faster than manual pumps, albeit slightly more expensive. For people with weak hands, we also recommend electronic penis pumps. 

How to Use an Electric Penis Pump Safely

An automatic penis pump is straightforward to operate. To prevent irritation from the pump, lubricate the area surrounding your penis before proceeding.

Close the cock ring around the base after inserting your penis within the cylindrical penile tube. Next, activate the pump by pressing the "on" button, then progressively raise the air pressure to get a firm erection. Take your penis out of the pump after it is completely erect.

Because most electric penis pumps include a vacuum limitation and can fit all penis sizes, you don't have to worry about your penis getting sucked up into the pump. Remember to release the air pressure and don't overdo the pumping once you've achieved the desired state. Give the pump a rest for no more than half an hour. Never take more time than that.

Regular use of an electric penis pump increases size, confidence, and the length of time you can sustain erections. It is recommended to utilize a vacuum erection equipment five to ten minutes before having sex. If you need help with the task, you can use sex toys. These include anal beads, sex dolls, and prostate massagers. You can also try male enhancement items like extenders, stretchers, and clamps.

Myths About Electronic Penis Pumps

When used correctly, penis pumps have been scientifically demonstrated to yield results, despite their potential risks. We dispel the following falsehoods regarding these vacuum erection tools:

Causes Damage

Generally speaking, this myth is untrue. Improving your erection should be a simple and safe procedure if you strictly adhere to the directions that come with your penis pump and don't settle for a cheap penis pump. It is essential to exercise caution when using electronic penile pumps as misuse can result in pain, bruises, or, even worse, a worsening of erectile dysfunction. If something goes awry, call a physician right away.

Increases Size Permanently

Penis pumps are merely a band-aid solution. For a brief period, it might lengthen and enlarge your penis, lasting the same length as your erection. Your penis will revert to its typical size once you become flaccid again. Consult a healthcare professional with expertise in male enhancement before combining penile pumps with other ED procedures, even if you might see more noticeable improvements in your appearance.

Only for Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pumps are more than simply an ED remedy or a way to enlarge the penis. These can also be utilized to achieve a more extensive, firmer erection for pleasure in the bedroom, whether you're with someone else or by yourself. 

Tips for Using the Penis Pump

Discuss the best time to use the pump with your partner. To make sure their erections stay long enough for them to partake in sexual activity, some men use the pump just before foreplay, while others use it immediately before penetration. 

Proceed cautiously. The ideal negative pressure for treating ED with penis pumps is actively being researched. For now, the best way to prevent injury is to gradually increase pressure and pay attention to your body. 

After using the penis pump frequently, you could discover that getting an erection becomes simpler over time. For best results, some ED sufferers may combine penis pumping with FDA-approved ED drugs like Cialis or Viagra. Penis pumps are safe, even for patients who have had a prostatectomy when used correctly. 

A kinky, fetishistic attitude toward penile pumping may emerge in specific individuals. A lighthearted sexual approach could help you get even better outcomes. 

Who Can Use a Penis Pump?

A penile pump can be used by anyone who has a penis. You can pump it up as long as your penis is in good health. Penis pumps are an effective way for even post-prostatectomy people to have better sex. 

Consult your physician before trying to pump if you have doubts about its safety. 

Penis Pump Risks and Side Effects

Most people find using a penile pump to be safe. Penis pumps, however, come with risks and adverse effects just like anything else in life. 

  • Psychological effects. The pumps could be complicated for some people and unattractive to women. For these people, breaking off foreplay to operate odd-looking equipment can destroy the atmosphere.
  • You are bursting blood vessels. Particular tiny blood veins in the penile skin may break if you use your pump too forcefully and suck too much blood into your penis. There could be red spots under the skin. These should eventually heal. However, patients using blood thinners may experience problems.
  • Problems with the constriction ring. Certain patients may experience painful ejaculations or have the constriction ring trap semen during ejaculation.
  • “Weird” erections. The erections that penis pumping aids in achieving may seem unusual and unnatural to specific users.
  • Soft erections. Pumping can occasionally result in erections that are not as solid at the base of the penis.
  • Unusual complications. Penile cysts, urethral bleeding, and other problems are rare but can happen to specific patients.
  • Skin problems. Penile skin discoloration, numbness, or tingling may result from the negative pressure of penis pumping. Aim to keep pressure from being applied excessively to prevent these issues. 

Can You Misuse a Penis Pump?

Using a penile pump is simple to learn. Proceed with caution and avoid going overboard. When you pump, pay attention to your body and don't apply more force than is necessary to produce an erection. 

Producers offer a wide variety of penis pumps for sale. Numerous lack FDA approval and some disregard uniform quality standards. 

When selecting your penis pump, exercise caution. Specific devices provide a higher risk of damage when used than others. 

Your penis pump may provide too much negative pressure on your shaft if it isn't equipped with a vacuum limiter. Seek for equipment with vacuum limiters. 

Specific constriction rings could be overly snug. Constriction rings that are too tight might hurt and make you feel miserable. The purpose of loose constriction rings still needs to be fulfilled, and you will lose stiffness soon. 

It's wise to speak with your doctor before starting any treatment for ED. 

Penis Pumps and Penis Enlargement 

You will need to lower your expectations regarding penile expansion, even though you can use a penis pump to pump your penis to an erection.

Numerous research conducted over the years examining the penis diameters of pump users have concluded that pumping, even after months of consistent use, does not increase penis size. 

But do not worry. Although they won't increase the size of your organ, penis pumps can nonetheless have the following advantages: 

  • More robust and better erections for better sex
  • Improved rehabilitiation following surgery
  • Psychological satisfaction
  • Improved sexual satisfaction
  • A treatment option for Peyronie’s disease 

To put it briefly, penile pumps can help you make the most of your existing penis while not providing you with a new one. 

Features of FACE Med Store’s Electric Pump 

The key factor making the FACE Med Store Rechargeable Penis Pump so popular is that it works wonders in providing a stronger and more sustained erection—especially for those who struggle with erectile dysfunction. 

Other than the pump itself, this specific penis pump doesn't require any other equipment to operate. To assist you in reaching your preferred pressure, it also features a medical-grade silicone penis ring and several vacuum pump settings.

If you're doing this to make yourself seem better, you can acquire temporary length and girth, increase your libido, and become more effective in bed. To determine the extent of the change in your penis size, examine the markings on the cylindrical body. To recharge the device, insert the USB power cord.

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