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Vibrating Urethral Sound

The Best Urethral Sounds For Beginners

What is sounding? 

To stimulate the urethra, a toy shaped like a rod is inserted into the penis through the "hole" where urine travels through. This is known as a urethral sound.

This guide isn't for you if you've already tried sounding and penis plugs since I'll explain why I tried sounding, what it is, and what kind of devices you may use to experiment safely. 

Is it painful? 

Though it appears uncomfortable, it's actually surprisingly not. I would be lying if I said that before my first attempt, I didn't have trembling hands and beads of sweat streaming down my cheeks, but I can honestly say that the initial feeling of dread before insertion was worth it. 

It would have been an unpleasant experience had I plunged directly into a huge size (fortunately, you're here reading this tutorial first!). Fortunately, I started with a modest size because I hadn't done my homework. 

What do beginners need to be aware of? 

The first is that urethral noises, or sounding devices in general, come in various sizes. You should be aware of this since, similar to extending your anus, sexual exploration should not be rushed into and choosing a huge toy first may result in mishaps and pain. 

In general, the sizes you're considering are: 

  • Beginners Size – 0.1-3mm
  • Intermediate Size – 3.1-5mm
  • Expert Size – 5mm+

 You must also be conscious of your weight. Here, grams will be used, so naturally, you want one that is as light as possible to avoid developing a painful hand that gives out in the middle of using it. Though it's unlikely, bear these points in mind if this is your first attempt. 

Additionally, I tried a curved sounding toy and found it to be a little too difficult for me, but my buddies really like it. It's included in this tutorial because I wanted to demonstrate the variety of sizes and shapes available. You will see everything from complete starting kits to ridged, curved, and even vibrating toys that you may test out. 

Here are the top urethral sounding toys for novices to test out without further ado! 

 How to use

Sounding urethral is a delicate art. It's quite enjoyable to stimulate your urethra because of its extreme sensitivity, but it also needs to be treated with respect. Toys should ideally slide in under their own weight with minimal hand pressure; never force them in.

This is not the place to experiment with friction, so always make sure you're using the proper lubricant in sufficient amounts! Gradually increase the amount as you feel prepared. No matter how bold you feel, don't just go for the biggest item to start with—you could get some serious injuries!



In general, urethral toys are rather inexpensive, as this list demonstrates. However, you really don't want to skimp on them; you need to make sure they're made of a safe material because the last thing you want is for something to break off down there! Of course, vibrating options are slightly more expensive, but not by much.

Purchasing a basic set is the ideal option if you're just starting out so you can gradually work your way up the sizes until you can handle some somewhat more complicated designs and shapes! Take your time and relish the undertaking.



Like with other insertable toys, it's critical that they be maintained clean. Your urethra is difficult to clean, therefore you need to be extra careful that nothing enters that you don't want there. Stainless steel toys are perfect since they are simple to clean, in addition to being a fantastic alternative in terms of feel.

Although it breaks down a little more easily than steel, silicone is still a good material. Make sure your toy is in good shape by checking it before inserting it; it only takes a moment and might save you a lot of suffering!



Proper storage of these toys is just as vital as cleaning them. Make sure the space they're stored in is dry, cold, and sterile—for instance, a draw in a bedroom with good ventilation. They are small, so it should be easy to find room for them.

You should keep them tucked away in a small storage bag to make sure they don't come into contact with any germs or bad things. Some toys come with one, but if not, you can get one online or reuse an existing bag. Make sure they are clean, please! Attempting to keep a toy clean in a filthy bag is pointless.


Recommended for

Clearly, the target audience for these gadgets is those of us who have penises. It might work well for you if you're searching for something a little different—a slightly different sensation—and don't mind getting to know your body a little bit! 

You can make it as safe as possible, but it still includes inserting a foreign object into your penis, so it might be best to avoid it if you're prone to UTIs or other urethral difficulties! Take care, enjoy, and have fun.

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