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Prostate Massager

The Ultimate Guide to How to Use a Prostate Massager

Orgasms in the prostate are real and fantastic.

Prostate massage is not as common as other anal play activities. However, you may know someone who enjoys it. You might even find that you enjoy it yourself. 

Fortunately, society is beginning to realize how much fun the back door can provide. Discover how to use a prostate massager for people assigned male at birth. You can also use it to help a partner experience a different kind of orgasm. 

About prostate massage 

To be clear, butt play does not equate to homosexuality. It's fascinating to try with prostate massage, regardless of your identity or preferred partner. 

One of the best ways to find that specific place and enjoy pleasure in a less well-known approach is to massage the prostate. The act of rubbing, pressing on, or otherwise massaging the prostate is precisely what it sounds like.

Anal stimulation can lead to a prostate orgasm, often called the "VIP" of orgasms. It's usually kept private due to sexual shame. Some people feel a stronger and more intense sensation during climax, which may or may not include ejaculation.

This is because the prostate gland, commonly referred to as the "P-spot," is a hotspot of nerve endings that, when stimulated appropriately, creates amazing waves of pleasure. Finding the prostate, a crucial component of the AMAB reproductive system is like finding a secret fun button.

Prostate "milking" is another term for prostate massage. "milking" describes the strong, repeated movements you may perform to arouse the area. The prostate feels like a walnut inside the rectum and is stimulated by the application of pressure, tapping, or other body parts or toys. It has two lobes, and the secret to pleasure may be to activate both. 

It's worth a try if you're considering including prostate massage in your sexual repertoire. Prostate massagers are made to target the areas that cause orgasms in the prostate precisely. However, one can also achieve them using fingers or a partner's penis.

What is a prostate massager? 

A prostate massager is a sex item explicitly made for pressing the prostate gland, often known as the P-spot. To keep your bottom safe, designers make anal toys like dildos but with a wider base and smaller size. When researching, consider aspects like size, material, and shape if you're in the market for this gadget. Vibration and occasionally even thrusting are additional characteristics.

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is a fantastic beginner massager meeting your needs. Try the LELO Hugo for an upgrade; it even includes a remote control to give your spouse control. Online stores offering sex, such as Lovehoney, Bellesa Boutique, and Adam & Eve, have entire departments filled with unique selections. 

How to use a prostate massager: 9 steps

Prostate massage, formerly considered a taboo topic, is becoming more and more popular. Using a massager can make it easier and more fun for people with prostates to explore their bodies. It can provide them with sexual pleasure. 

Use these steps, either by yourself or with a partner, to get the most out of your toy: 

Choose a best prostate massager toy

Choosing a suitable toy is essential, especially for young children. Make sure the size and material of the prostate massager you buy meet your demands by doing your homework. Additionally, to ensure proper use of the sex toy, read the prostate massager's instruction manual before starting to play. 

Choose smooth, soft silicone short or wide toys if you're starting. Toys with flared bases are the best option to avoid losing them inside your body. 

Prepare properly 

Before you dive in:

  1. Set up.
  2. Use a gentle soap and water solution or toy cleaner to clean your prostate massager, then let it air dry.
  3. Cleanse the region well inside and out, then take a warm shower to prepare your body.

Get your clean-up supplies ready and keep them nearby. Place a towel or blanket in your play area for easy access after you finish. 

  1. Relax and find the correct position. 

A satisfying prostate massage session requires relaxation, whether you're with someone else or by yourself. Lay on your back with your knees bent or on your side with one leg bent in a secluded, comfortable area. Alternatively, you can kneel on all fours or lie on your stomach. These positions facilitate simple access to the anus and facilitate a more straightforward prostate massager insertion process. 

  1. Get warmed up

As with any sexual activity, it's preferable to begin with a bit of foreplay. Turning on relaxes and sensitizes sexual organs, making it easier to locate and stimulate the prostate. Discuss your goals for the experience as a pair if you are traveling with someone.

  1. Use lots (and lots) of lube. 

Since the anus cannot lubricate itself, it is very crucial to use premium lubricant while massaging the prostate. When you're ready, liberally lubricate the prostate massager and your anus's opening. This dramatically streamlines insertion, particularly for those unfamiliar with this action.

  1. Start with external vibrations. 

To help you stay relaxed:

  1. Use the messenger's tip to softly probe the area outside of your anus and locate what feels pleasant. If your massager vibrates, start with some light fingering or rimming and switch it to a soft setting.
  2. Take your time doing this task.
  3. Only push an insertion if you're ready. 
  4. Gently insert the massager. 

After you've relaxed and lubricated yourself well, carefully place the prostate massager inside your anus. Because the prostate is there, move slowly and make sure the massager points up towards your belly button. If you're in pain or uncomfortable, gradually take the toy away and let your spouse know how you feel.

Try different motions 

Do you want to know how to get a prostate orgasm? Try out several forms of stimulation to discover what your body responds best to. Everyone is different, so there is no right or wrong way to respond to prostate stimulation during orgasm. 

Experiment with varying depths, angles, and movements while using your prostate massager. This will help you find what feels pleasurable and can potentially result in orgasm or ejaculation. Always remember to go slowly and pay attention to your body. It's okay if you don't cross the finish line on your first attempt; the journey is what matters.

Clean up

When you're satisfied, carefully remove the prostate massager. After thoroughly cleaning the toy with a special cleaner or a little soap and water, put it away for later use. Take a shower and clean your rectum, anus, and surrounding areas to get rid of extra lubricant.

It's time for a debrief if you played with a partner. Discuss the experience, mentioning your likes, dislikes, and anything you hope to change for the next time. Re-clothing doesn't mean consent ends; a little aftercare helps a lot.

Four prostate massage tips for beginners

Even though getting a prostate massage has always been a dream of yours, it may seem scary to investigate. These pointers can make your first experience with anal play more enjoyable if you're new to it: 

Start with a finger 

Before trying a sex toy or anal sex, start by inserting a finger into your rectum to see if you're comfortable. Before increasing the size, this step lets you explore the area and get used to how penetration feels. Locating your prostate can also be aided by initially using your finger.

Use your breath 

When it comes to prostate massage, deep, rhythmic breathing that resembles sensual meditation can be transformative. It promotes relaxation, which facilitates the insertion of a finger or prostate massager. Consider using your breath to help your body and mind coordinate. 

Find the right massager for you. 

There is no one-size-fits-all prostate massager available on the market, so you don't have to settle. Examine several types, go through user reviews, and for novices, think about beginning with a more miniature prostate massager. As you learn more about your body and what makes you tick, venture into increasingly complex toys. 

Explore other types of stimulation. 

While a massage for the prostate feels excellent on its own, don't stick to just one kind of touch. For extra pleasure, combine penis, perineum, or nipple play with prostate massage. 

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