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Shower Head Enema

Many people feel nervous when considering anal play because they often refer to the "poop factor." Poop is normal when talking about butts.

Some people may have a hard time relaxing enough to fully enjoy anal activities. Some people want to take extra steps to prevent poop from coming up during playtime. An enema for cleansing is one of the steps that one could take.

We will discuss how to give yourself an enema at home. We will also cover how to do it safely. Additionally, we will talk about what to expect during the procedure. Now, everybody, grab your bottoms because it's time to discuss enemas!

What is an enema?

Let's ensure everyone knows exactly what we're talking about before moving on. We are concentrating on what is called a "cleansing enema."

Enemas are done for different reasons, like before medical procedures. We are focusing on this specific type of enema, known as a barium enema, which medical professionals perform. This kind of enema is designed to clear the colon. Therefore, it could help prepare for anal intercourse.

What distinguishes an anal douche from an enema might be on your mind. An enema can clear past the rectum and into the big intestine, while an anal or rectal douche is often used to clean the first few inches of the rectum.

The purpose of this kind of enema is to assist you to pass the feces more quickly from your bowels. It is usually a liquid containing mineral oil, sodium, phosphate, and bisacodyl. Another option is a saltwater solution with the correct balance of electrolytes and sodium to match your body's levels.

Kits of many kinds are available to assist you in doing an enema at home. There are various enema kits you can choose from. Some are single-use kits that you can get from pharmacies. These kits come with a pre-filled bottle and lubricated nozzle.

There are also reusable options available. These include the PinkCherry Ultimate Cleansing System, Clean Stream Enema Syringe, and Clean Stream Discreet Shower Enema Set.

The Shower Enema Set is particularly useful for individuals who use enemas frequently.

The Shower Enema Set is great for people who regularly use enemas. Regardless of comfort level or usage frequency, there is an actual enema for every user.  

How to use it at home

Giving oneself an enema at home is pretty simple, so let's walk through each step in detail. 



Before taking any action, there are a few things you should do.

Wait to eat anything for around 30 minutes prior.

Always consume at least 8 ounces of water to prevent dehydration.

Locate a cozy spot to rest that is close to a restroom. A blanket or towel is helpful on the bathroom floor.

Ensure you carefully read and adhere to any instructions that may come with your specific enema kit. 

Hands up.

Lube Up

Anytime you're sticking your butt through, like during an enema, lubrication is essential. The skin in the anus is exceptionally fragile, the anus can be extremely tight, and it does not lubricate itself. Lubricating the nozzle ensures that it inserts smoothly and doesn't cause any discomfort, friction, or harm. Disposable packages usually contain a lubricated enema tube tip.


Assume the position

It should be something like "assume a comfortable position that works for you" rather than "assume the position." Popular options include all fours with your butt up and your chest on the ground, lying on your back with your legs pulled in and reclining on your left side in a fetal posture. 


Insert the enema

Insert the enema into your anus gently. Do not push through if you encounter resistance. Similar to when you have a bowel movement, bearing down can assist in relaxing the anus and make insertion more comfortable. 


Introduce the liquid

This step is very important for the enema process. This step is crucial for the enema process.

Healthcare providers may use different tools or methods to administer the liquid depending on the type of enema being used. For example, simple squeeze bulbs are commonly used for certain types of enemas. After putting in the enema liquid, you can take out the tip. It's best to stay in that position until you're ready for the next step, unless it's painful.

Wait for the urge 

You will have the urge to pass gas after a short while. When you have this motion sickness, cautiously get up and head to the bathroom. 


Enemas are generally safe, but there are a few things to consider. Let's discuss how to exercise safety when conducting your enemas.

Make Sure Everything is Clean

If you are using a reusable enema kit, this is crucial. Before introducing it into your body, ensure it is clean to prevent the spread of any unwanted microorganisms.  

Take Your Time

Press the enema bulb slowly to insert water or solution into your anal canal. Move carefully to avoid discomfort. Because the anus and rectum are so delicate, it's not a good idea to apply abrupt water pressure.

Take extra precautions if you are utilizing a shower enema kit. Instead of spraying into the anus, start at the lowest setting and work your way around it. 

Recall that it is crucial to keep the enema bulb inserted at all times once it has been squeezed. Releasing the pressure on the bulb can draw back the soiled liquid inside. To maintain hygiene, squeeze the enema bulb until removing it from the rectum. 

Keep It Cool

The mucosal lining of your colon and intestines is far more sensitive to heat than the epidermis outside your body. Ignore what you've learned about warm water being good for enemas. It's not true. Stick to cold water for cleansing.

This is the moment to use cooler water for safety reasons. When getting ready to prepare an enema, use your hand to check the temperature and try to keep it slightly below room temperature. Your rectum will be safe with that.  

Expect the Unexpected

While many people find that the enema procedure doesn't cause them any discomfort, others may find that they suffer from cramps, lightheadedness, or fainting afterward. If you experience this, lay down until it passes. However, be near the restroom as the cramps may cause more bowel movements.

Less May Be More 

One can go overboard when it comes to enemas. The delicate mucosal anal lining can be harmed by recurrent use of an enema, even if you are strictly adhering to all directions and exercising caution. In that case, your chance of infection increases dramatically.

Thus, what is the safe frequency of enema use? Although this varies from person to person, you should limit your enema treatments to two or three per week.


What to expect during and after

An enema may cause some discomfort and seem a little weird initially, but you shouldn't experience any pain when getting one. If so, cease right away and consult a physician.

In most cases, the enema liquid must be taken within one to three minutes. Be patient and give the liquid enough time to settle so that any lingering particles can dissolve.

During this procedure, your colon is packed with liquid so that you may feel full or heavy in your abdomen. Mild muscular spasms can also happen, and that's quite natural. This feeling is your body's way of telling you that the muscles in your GI tract are trying to force out whatever is in your colon.

As we previously mentioned, you will ultimately experience the urge to urinate, which is a natural occurrence. You can relieve yourself by emptying your bowels into the toilet when you feel that way.

After taking this medication, it's a good idea to stay close to a bathroom for a few hours. This will give your body a chance to release any unexpected bowel movements.

You may need to use the toilet multiple times.

You may need to use the toilet several times. Your body will also require that time to relax if you intend to engage in anal sex activity before you begin stimulating the anal region.

It is a good idea to postpone anal intercourse for at least thirty minutes following an enema. This will allow the body time to adjust and decrease tissue irritation.

Enema Takeaways

That's the lowdown on safely conducting enemas at home. Enema administration can be done securely and comfortably if you follow the directions, maintain cleanliness, and don't overdo it.

Keep in mind that enemas are not necessary to prepare for anal play—the body does a pretty good job of keeping the area clear of feces—but you do have the choice to get extra clean if that makes you more comfortable.

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