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Hollow Butt Plug

Uses Of Hollow Butt Plugs

With hollow butt plugs, you can experience a more intense fantasy and enhance your daily sex life. It will provide you with a level of sex that you have never known. They are easy for everyone to get what they want because they are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. 

An anal sex gadget called the hollow butt plug is intended to stimulate sex arousal in couples looking to enhance their anal sex. They are the most effective in fulfilling your anal fantasies. Because these anal plugs are flexible, you can engage in independent anal intercourse without feeling uncomfortable.

They are ideal for those who enjoy anal play and are also unique. The central hole lets you utilize different devices, which enhances the sensuous sensation. Moreover, you may close the cap to use the toy as a regular butt plug. They are typically stretchy and huge; therefore, they are not the best for novices.

How To Safely Use Hollow Butt Plugs

A popular anal toy available on the market is tunnel anal plugs. They are most enjoyable while having anal intercourse, whether by themselves or with a partner.

These plugs have a conical form in general. The purpose of these butt plugs is to stimulate the inner and outer nerve endings by extending the outer section of the anus. The size of the plug and your desired anal sex experience will determine how long you leave it inside.

Their circular, thin tip makes insertion simple. No matter how rough the anal play becomes, the flared base will stay in its proper position. If you wear appropriate clothing, you can even wear hollow butt plugs in public.

Using a tunnel butt plug primarily reveals your inner self. It provides clear, simple, and unhindered access to the inner side of the rectum when inserted. This sex gadget has made the exploration of anal play mind-blowing.

Purchasing Tunnel Butt Plug Hollow

Selecting a hollow butt plug might be difficult, particularly for newcomers. This is due to their variety of sorts, sizes, colors, and shapes. When choosing the best hollow butt plug, keep the following factors in mind.


Numerous companies make anal plugs, each using a particular substance of choice. Nonetheless, choosing the appropriate material requires extreme caution.

Glass, silicone, and metal are the most often utilized materials. Since silicone is medical grade, it's the most excellent material for sensitive skin.

Additionally, a silicone hollow tunnel is easy to maintain and clean. Additionally, it works with practically all lubricants, with silicone-based lubrication excluded. Silicone lubricant has the potential to harm the plug's surface.


This is an important thing to think about. Smaller butt plugs might not provide you the desired kinky enjoyment, while larger ones might pain you and harm the sphincter.

Novices should begin with a smaller size and work their way up. Experienced people should select the larger ones. Count how many fingers can fit inside the hole to determine the size of your anal opening with your fingers, then measure the circumference.

Uses Of Tunnel Butt Plug

To stretch and train the anus for a specific purpose, one uses a hollow anal plug. The hollow anal plug has an aperture at the tip that makes it simple to enter fingers, toys, probes, and other devices.

The most excellent toys for losing control over bodily functions are usually butt plugs. The sensation is typically sexual. Here are a few applications for hollow butt plugs.

Paying With Fluids

These tunnel anal toys are excellent for enema play because many of them feature stoppers. Pour safe liquid into the body, then seal it with the stopper. The metal ones can use as both a hollow and a regular plug because of their detachable core. Using it without a stopper for a more organic feel will be messy.

Vibrators And Dildos

Use anal toys with vibrators and dildos for an extra exquisite experience at the anal hole. For the finest climax, start slowly with your finger, then move on to a dildo and, lastly, a vibrator. Experienced users report that the larger model feels ideal.

Admiring The View

Use anal toys with vibrators and dildos for an extra exquisite experience at the anal hole. For the finest climax, start slowly with your finger, then move on to a dildo and, lastly, a vibrator. Experienced users report that the larger model feels ideal.

Use The Imagination

This tunnel's primary goal is to stretch. But some take it as an opportunity to masturbate. Add fluid to make it more enjoyable, whether just admiring the view or utilizing it with other toys. The most excellent toy for enhancing anal sex is a tunnel anal plug.

The Bottom Line

The purpose of the tunnel butt toy is to train the anus. A hollow anal plug is an ideal toy for anal sex enthusiasts to enhance the pleasurable experience.

Hollow anal toys have an advantage in that users can use them with other toys, such as vibrators and dildos. Stopper-equipped hollow butt plugs provide an ideal enema. Add fluid, though that won't damage the body. Novices should begin with a tiny, hollow anal plug and work their way up.


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SPECIFICATION:Made of: SiliconeSize: 8*4.8cm(Hollow plug-S); 9.7*5.8cm(Hollow plug-M); 11.1*6.8cm(Hollow plug-L)Bottom hollow ID: 1.7cm(Hollow plug-S); 2.1cm(Hollow plug-M); 2.3cm(Hollow plug-L)N.W.: 52g(Hollow plug-S); 95g(Hollow plug-M); 135g(Hollow plug-L)Design: Cup body+Anchor pedestalFeature: ..
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