Things You Need to Know About Penis Pump

Does Penis Size Matter With Sex?+

Centuries of human evolution have built-up to this age-old question. Not even the smartest of minds can wrap their heads around the question, does size matter?

Whether you're looking to impress your lover or trying for a baby, the question remains of whether size can affect your game. You might have heard about the phrase that most women say, "Size doesn't mean everything," but there's an ongoing social belief with praising a well-endowed member. Thus, that’s the purpose of the pump for penis, people can get a lot of penis pump benefits.

What is a Penis Pump?+

Penis pump is generally considered as a penis enlargement device, and it’s also called as an enlargement pump or a penis vacuum pump. Usually, a penis pump set is including: a tube that fits over your penis, a seal or ring that fits around the base of your penis, a penis pump sleeve, a battery-powered or hand-powered vacuum pack that removes air from the tube, triggering an erection.
Generally, it can be simply divided into two kinds: manual penis pump & electric penis pump. Both of the two kinds have their own pros and cons, but the electric penis pump has much more sales than manuals in 2020 on Adutoys Sex Toy.
Why electric penis pump is more popular? We guess that it’s because the electric penis pumps are more convenient, it frees users hands. The electric penis pump is controlled automatically, they have already been set in multiple modes to satisfy different desires.

What does a penis pump do? Why do people use an electric penis pump? Does a penis pump really work? Is the Electric Penis Pump the Best Penis Enlargement?+

To speak in one sentence: to make penis large.

Electric penis pump is effective at producing erections for the majority of users. Duration of the erection depends on the individual, but 30 minutes or so may be expected. Some men may use the pump prior to foreplay or wait and use it just prior to intercourse.

Moreover, electric penis pump is used as a treatment tool for those people who have difficulty in erections, so there’s why we also call electric penis pump vacuum pumps for ed.

There’s a common misconception that's reinforced by mainstream porn that a bigger penis is necessary for pleasure, and most men are wondering if their penis could get bigger and bigger. Normally, there are a few ways to make the penis bigger, but only using penis pumps are the safest! To enlarge the penis, someone chooses to do a penis extension surgery, someone prefers to try pills for the penis, someone tries a special penis oil. However, these ways are absolutely not safe at all. Any surgery is under a risk, and pills for penis may cause health problems, oil may cause allergic reaction. Only electric penis pump can be the 100% safe and healthy way to enlarge the penis.

It’s hard to find out a suitable pump for penis for most beginners, because there are over thousands of brands on the market. Penis pumps on the market varies in prices from $10 to over $100, and high price pumps have more function than cheap penis pumps. According to our survey, almost beginners prefer to start from cheap penis pumps. However, except price, what are other things we should pay attention to while choosing the best penis pumps for yourself? Here we have some tips for you to find out the best penis pumps!

How to choose the best penis pumps?+

With a variety of penis pumps to choose from, many men have difficulty deciding which type of pump to buy. Adutoys offers some guidance as to choosing your first penis pump.

Manual vs. Battery One of the first decisions a man must make is whether they want a battery or electric penis pump. Battery operated pumps work by simply pressing a button. Create a seal between the skin and the pump cylinder and then suction can commence.

Manually operated pumps work by a hand operation. This operation will vary between brands.

Economical vs. Luxury Many customers want to know the difference between the more expensive and the less expensive pumps. All the pumps have a government-regulated level of suction.

What’s more, you should look for a pump for penis that has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). ‘It’s worth talking to your doctor before purchasing, as they may be able to recommend or prescribe a specific model,’ says Dr Pratsides.

Always opt for a penis pump that is made specifically to treat erectile dysfunction. Make sure it has a vacuum limiter to control the pressure in the tube and prevent it from becoming too intense and damaging your penis.

When it comes to the fit, most penis pumps come in a generic shape and size, but there are larger or smaller tubes available. More important than the size of the tubing is the fit of the constriction ring. It needs to be tight enough to do its job, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable to wear.

All the penis pumps in Adutoys are electric penis pumps, and they’re all FDA approved penis pump.

Do you have any idea of what you want?

How to Use an electric Penis Pump?+

Many beginners would like to ask: how to use a penis pump? Not only the way to find out the best penis pumps is important, the right way to use it is much more essential. There are over thousands of electric penis pump brands on the market, and they have various specific selling-points, but their basic function is the same. Before telling you the tips of using electric penis pump, we should know the principle of it.

Electric penis pump is a simply devices designed to create a vacuum over the penis, this encourages blood flow and as your blood flow is increased, the erectile tissue expands giving you a stronger erection. Most electric penis pump is made in the same way. There’s an airtight cylinder that goes over the penis in a tube that leads to a pump to increase suction and a release valve to decrease the pressure.

Here are the tips for you to use an electric penis pump:

1. Place the tube over your penis.

2. Pump out the air and use the hand pump or electric penis pump attached to the tube, creating a vacuum effect.

3. Wait for the penis pumping.

3. Remove the pump once you’re erect.

4. You can place a constriction ring around the base of your penis if you want to maintain your erection.

5. As the penis pumping, you can see directly what happened to your penis.

Is electric Penis Pump Safe?+

Penis pump of Adutoys is FDA approved penis pump, which means this vacuum penis pump is body-safe and healthy. However, everything would be dangerous if you don't operate properly, using a penis pump or other external rigidity device could aggravate penile conditions, such as priapism.

Too much air pressure in the cylinder can also cause mild bleeding under the skin’s surface. For this reason, penis pumps may be not be right for you if you:
have a blood disorder
have a history of blood clots
take blood thinners
A penis pump sleeve that’s too tight or left on too long could cause your penis to become bruised, numb, and cold.

How to Clean a Penis Pump? How to Clean a Penis Pump?+

After each use, the penile tube and transfer sleeve should be washed thoroughly. For manual penis pumps, it’s ok to completely immersed it in water with a mild soap to clean, but for the electric penis pump, it’s better not to immerse all the accessories in the water, just remove them and use water to clean. Rinse and dry well before replacing them into the carrying bag, as this may cause the handle to stick, and it will not be possible to create a vacuum.

How to Hide or Store Your electric Penis Pump?+

Are you worrying about your best penis pumps being messed by kids? Or are you afraid to let your parents or partners know it? Now we’re giving you some specific suggestions of how to hide and store your penis pumps.

The first and the most usual way to hide an electric penis pump is to save it in an opaque box, and put the box in your wardrobe or just put it under your bed. But the premise is that you don’t have a naughty kid in your home. Usually the electric penis pump is not too hard to hide, because it’s not too large compared to sex dolls, sex sofa or any other giant sex toys.

Second, it might be harder if you have naughty kids in your home. There is one thing they would never have interest to see---a fake English dictionary. You can buy it on Amazon, and actually it’s a storage box for you. Put the electric penis pump in the fake dictionary and put it at the highest place on the bookshelf, I can guarantee that no one would find your secret.

Third, hide your electric penis pump in a pillow. The most dangerous place you think might be the safest place!

If you have a ton of pillows on your bed, then this pillow is great for you to hide your electric penis pump. The interior is moisture-proof, so your electric penis pump aren’t going to go moldy inside, and then thick padding around the outside of the pillow makes it hard to feel anything hidden in the middle. I mean, I wouldn’t give it to guests to sleep on, that’s just playing with fire… but it blends into a bunch of casual pillows pretty easily.


For those who has never tried a dick pump before, do not be cheated by those unrealistic pictures of penis pump before and after. Pump for penis do have effects on making your penis large, but it doesn’t mean that it could have a permanent result after tried once. Many people would have a question before buying the electric penis pump: does a penis pump really work? Adutoys wouldn’t give an absolute answer, because it has different effects on different people.

Buying an electric penis pump is not a decision which should be taken lightly, especially for beginners. It’s better to buy your first penus pumps in a reliable shop, make sure it is qualified! For those who is experienced, they may not be cheated buy sellers but making a correct decision by checking out the penis pump review.