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Nipple Suction Toy

What Are Nipple Sucking Toys?

Adult toys known as "nipple sucking toys" are made to gradually raise blood flow to the nipple, increasing sensitivity and pleasure.

A tiny suction cup toy with a hollow midsection that covers the nipples is the most common kind of nipple sucker. Like pumps or vacuums, they create suction when squeezed, simulating the feeling of oral suction on the nipples.

Nipple suckers come in a variety of forms, including vibrating and squeeze bulb models. Still, they all function by applying suction on and around the nipples to enhance arousal, improve blood flow, and increase sensitivity. In addition to making the nipples engorged, and perkier, nipple sucker toys also make playing with the nipples more enjoyable for both the nipple owner and their partner.

As you begin this new sensual adventure, read on to find out all you ever wanted to know about nipple suckers and how to have your nipplegasm.

What Are the Different Types of Nipple Sucking Toys?

A few varieties of nipple sucking toys are available. These include the most common and user-friendly kind, the basic silicone suckers that we have already discussed.

Vibrating nipple pumps provide automatic suction to the nipples, similar to breast pumps for breastfeeding. This makes nipple pumping more enjoyable and advanced.

The strong suction and stimulation produced by these nipple pump suckers causes the nipples to become whole and erect. After the pumps are withdrawn, you experience increased sensitivity and tactile stimulation. With the quick-release button on vibrating nipple pumps, you can pop your puffed-up nipples whenever you want.

The initial purpose of cupping sets was for ancient Chinese cupping therapy. However, similar to other kinky toys, these gadgets gained popularity in BDSM circles as soon as individuals recognized their sensual possibilities.

Cupping sets use clear cups that are manually pushed to eliminate air, producing a vacuum effect, much like a pussy or penis pump. They can be pretty erotic when applied to the clitoris or nipples, increasing blood flow to the area.

Why Do People Enjoy Nipple Pumps?

The real pleasure comes when the nipple pump is taken off and the blood flows back into the nipple. Many people find the sucking sensation to be quite exciting.

When the nipples are filled with blood, they become more sensitive. A gentle touch or breath can create pleasurable sensations throughout the body. Everything seems to be amplified beyond belief.

There are many sexy methods to utilize a nipple sucker toy: during masturbation to intensify nipple sensations during genital play, during foreplay to tease and arouse, and even during the main event. A lot of people also like to use a nipple sucking toy in BDSM scenes.

Your nipples are pretty sensitive right now, so any touch can give you a solid sensual rush. You can use kissing, licking, sucking, pinching, and even light nibbling to entice your lover to play with them. Play around with what arouses you! For powerful stimulation to all of your erogenous hot spots, you may even get nipple suction devices that come with an additional cup for your clit.

How Do Nipple Suckers Work?

A susceptible erogenous zone is the breasts. The same parts of the brain (the sensory cortex) that stimulate the genitalia are lit up by breast stimulation. Nipple stimulation alone can cause an orgasm for certain people.

By sucking the nipples, a nipple sucking sex toy functions similarly to a vacuum pump. As a result, the nipples become more responsive to sensual stimulation and have increased blood flow. By using a nipple suck toy, you can use the sensory cortex to increase pleasure in both the clitoris and the nipples.

The Best Nipple Pumps for You

Our nipple sucking toys are available in a variety of forms, colors, and sizes, just like natural lips!

Your experience level and the intended result will determine which nipple pump is best for you.

If you're new to nipple play, a silicone nipple pump is a great option. It's easy to use and comes in a variety of colors like purple, color-changing, and black.

The Hi-Beam Nipple Pumps is a vibrating nipple sucker that combines tingling vibrations with suction for added stimulation. These nipple suction cups are ideal for intensifying climactic sensations and will quickly get those puppies' blood flowing.

You can try using clit and nipple pump sets to experience pleasure by stimulating the right areas. This Lovehoney Swell Time Clitoris and Nipple Pump gives you a lot of suction for playing with your clit and nipples."

Why not use an automated nipple pumping device for intense enjoyment and hands-free stimulation?

Remember that men also have nipples! Male nipple pumps are great for anyone who wants to practice sexual nipple play since they are gender-neutral.

How to use nipple suction toys?

Using a nipple pumping device or a nipple sucker is not tricky. However, as each variety varies, unique methods are needed.

The guidelines for using an automated nipple pump are as follows:

  1. Lube up the inside and the rim of the nipple cups.
  2. Place over each nipple.
  3. To start the nipple pumping, follow the manufacturer's instructions and set the toy to the lowest setting.
  4. As needed, increase the suction intensity and level.
  5. To start, we advise leaving them on for five to fifteen minutes. Expert users may use them for up to an hour. If you feel any pain or discomfort, remove it.

Pro Tip: Apply them for five minutes, take them off, and then reapply to the erect nipple for a few more minutes for maximum arousal to swiftly increase the intensity!

How Do You Use Silicone Nipple Suction Cups?

It's even more straightforward to use silicone nipple suckers than mechanical nipple pumps. This is how to apply them:

  1. Lube up the inside and the rim of the nipple cups.
  2. To release the air, squeeze the nipple sucking devices. You will get a more potent suction the more air you can squeeze out of the bulbs. Try different things and tweak to the degree of intensity you want.
  3. To keep the pump secure, place the bulb part over your nipple. Gently press the edges onto your breast or the surrounding area. This will help prevent the pump from moving.
  4. After releasing the squeeze, let them remain on the nipple for around fifteen minutes. Once more, experienced users can stay on longer. Apply common sense and take it off if it hurts.
  5. Squeeze the bulbs once more, then take them out quickly. And voilà! Gorgeously erect nipples are begging to be handled!

How Do You Use Nipple Suction Twists?

Serious players employ "corkscrew style suckers," or breast suckers with a twist, in BDSM play.

To use, adhere to the guidelines listed below:

Lubricate the nipple cups' rim and interior.

To keep the tube in place and create suction, place it over your nipples. Gently press the edges onto your breast or the surrounding area.

To strengthen the suction, turn the top corkscrew.

Rotate the screw in the other direction to loosen the suction.

Unwind the screw cap until it pops off to remove.

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