What is a strap-on dildo? 

To explain it simply, it is just a combination of dildo and harness. However, to explain it in a complex way, a simple change of color of a pegging dildo or strap can create a kaleidoscope of variations. For instance, a realistic strap-on dildo could be as simple as a dildo bonded on straps, and also the realistic strap-on dildo could add a tint of BDSM and become the key to erotic fantasy as you wish. It is usually used as a lesbian strap-on dildo.

Why choose Adutoys strap-on dildo? 

  • Hands-free thrusting dildo

A realistic strap-on dildo sets your hands free to hold your partner's body. Thus, you can hug her or him to cultivate a more affectionate feeling.

  • Lesbian strap on dildo

We developed a pegging dildo as a lesbian strap on dildo for girls' love and sex. A girl wears on a realistic strap on dildo could also pleasure her lady. On Adutoys online store, we have our best seller of lesbian strap on dildos, and you can take a look and have a try.

  • New exploration of sex

Some bend-over boyfriends love to be fucked by their dominatrix wearing strap ons for men, and it stimulates those men's body and mind, brings prostate and mental orgasm, which is a big release in high-pressure life. 

What does a strap-on dildo look like?+


Since the realistic strap on dildos is a combination of two parts, the shape changes depending on the pegging dildo and harness change.

A good harness has a high comfort level of sturdy bonding to the body because it determines the wearer's experience of sex, which is easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and not easy to fall off.

Dildos of realistic strap-on dildos have many colors. However, for a more realistic experience, the appearance of the dildo usually simulates a real penis, and most of them are realistic dildos.


For strap-on dildo material, there are many kinds for your reference. While some prefer silicone strap-on dildos, and some others prefer realistic stainless strap-on dildos. All the materials are healthy and harmless.

How to use a strap-on dildo? +

Firstly, you should choose the correct harness to wear, which makes you feel good and never give you a disappointing loss during the sexual process. 

Second, you should know what the best size of pegging dildo is for your partner. I recommend that you start with a smaller one, then add the size, or you will waste your money to buy a realistic strap on a dildo of an oversize cock and never buy the huge strap-on dildo at first. 

When you find your best suitable, realistic strap on the dildo with the right size and material, then apply lube on it and enjoy it with your partner. You can do pegging, doggy thrusting, or missionary as you like. 

How to clean the strap-on dildo? +

Since the realistic strap on dildos has harness than traditional dildos, you should consider washing the harness correctly. After you use warm water with the water-based cleanser to clean the pegging dildo part, the harness comes. If it is leather material, and I recommend you wipe it with a half-wet towel. Too much water will rot the leather.