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Vibrating Dildos - A Complete Masturbation Companion For Female 

A vibrator can be described as a massager; vibrating dildos are sex toys that stimulate different sex organs like the anus, c-spot, g-spot, and many more. These dildos come with a strong vibrating motor to provide intense and deep sensation everywhere they touch. These vibrating dildos can be used in various sexual activities. To spice up their sex life, people often look for sex toys, and these vibrating dildos are the best option for users who like foreplays because of the various features provided by vibrating dildos. Some of the features are mentioned below. 

Features of vibrating dildos 

  1. Shape - Vibrating dildos are shaped like a penis to provide you with the best experience. The shape of these sex toys is also very comfortable, which is essential for better sexual pleasure.

  2. Remote controller - Vibrating dildos offer a remote controller so that users can change the rhythm of their vibrator without getting interrupted during masturbation. It can also be useful for couples who like to tease each other; females can give the controller to their sexual partner so that they can tease their vulva from a distance. 

  3. Waterproof - This is one of the best features that vibrating dildos can provide; it is safe to ejaculate during masturbation with vibrating dildos because they are completely waterproof liquid damage won’t affect them. That means you can also take these dildos in the shower or bathtub.

  4. Bigger batteries - These sex toys are powered with big batteries so that you would not have to face interruption during your precious and relaxing moments. Apart from this, these dildos are rechargeable and can be charged with the help of a charger. 

Guide for using vibrating dildos

Many people face problems while masturbating or while masturbating with these sex toys. Whether you are new or an expert in this realm of vibrators, this guide will help you use these toys carefully.

  • If you are masturbating for the first time, using vibrating dildos directly can be critical. It can damage your vulva. Instead, try to insert your finger slowly inside your vagina to open your vulva gently, and then try the same steps with more fingers. Once your vagina is completely fine, with two or three fingers, you are ready to go.

  • Use the lubricants while masturbating with sex toys; not only do lubricants stimulate your sex organs, but they will also make these sex toys enter your vulva easily. 

  • If you love getting teased on the G-spot, these dildos would be best suitable in sex positions like doggy style and missionary because your G-spot is most likely to hit better in these positions. 

Sex toys such as vibrating dildos are available in a wide variety; you can choose according to your preference. Masturbation has many benefits, such as it helps you relax in tough situations because whenever you masturbate, it releases dopamine and endorphin, known as relaxing agents. Masturbation also leads to better sleep at night. 

Model: rotating-360-degree-vibrating-dildo-9-inch-the-kong
The Kong has a perfectly rounded head that is slightly inclined upwards for G-spot stimulation and massaging effects, along with a perfectly curved design and velvety silky-smooth silicone for greater comfort.Choose from 3 distinct rotation settings and 9 different vibration modes with this vibratin..
$74.80 $88.00
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Model: sappho-vibrating-double-ended-dildo
Double your FUN! To please everyone, the Sappho Vibrating Double-Ended Dildo includes two separately actuated ends with various sizes. This dildo's entire shaft is textured for added sensations and cast in premium silicone. Ideal for playing with a buddy or mixing up your alone time. for extra sensa..
$109.65 $129.00
Ex Tax:$109.65
sparrow - silicone wearable dildo vibrator sparrow - silicone wearable dildo vibrator
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Model: sparrow-wearable-dildo-vibrator
You go, baby. Assemble for a ride. You can select the vibrating frequency that is most comfortable for you with our Sparrow Wearable Vibrator. Give yourself the gift of enjoyable alone time, or hand the remote to your partner and let them decide how much time you spend playing. Simply put it in and ..
$51.00 $60.00
Ex Tax:$51.00
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