Our design inspiration

Adutoys has an outstanding design team to support the launch of different new toys every quarter. The clitoral rose vibrator selection comes from the creativity of a male sex toy designer. He finds inspiration from the roses, which symbolize romance and love, not the real roses, but a rose vibrator. It will surprise her much more! For singles, buying a clitoral rose vibrator is more romantic, and the rose toys last longer.

Why this Flower-Shaped Vibrator Become the Best Seller in Adutoys?

Portable Size - Adutoys rose toy is mini and portable. They're the best rose toys for traveling. Moreover, the silent design is also a highlight, and you can use Adutoys rose vibrator anywhere you want.

Romantic Appearance Inspired by roses, Adutoys clitoral rose vibrator is a romantic gift for girls and women. With its cute appearance, nobody would know that it's a sex toy. For those who have naughty kids, it would not be wrong.

Ideal Sensation Don't be cheated by its tiny body. Adutoys clitoral rose vibrator provides powerful sensations in your secret areas.

Lasting Stimulation Adutoys clitoral rose vibrator is USB chargeable. It's convenient to keep the vibe always in full power. Moreover, it benefits from the mini size, and it's super power-saving!  

Basic Types of Rose-Shaped Vibrators in the Market?

Adutoys has various styles of clitoral rose vibrators, which can be roughly divided into two categories: clit sucking rose & clit tickler.

Clit sucking rose and clit tickler are specially designed to stimulate the clitoris; continuous stimulation on the clitoris only takes a minute until it drives you over the edge!

What's different is the way how they make you high

Adutoys rose toys give a strong suction from the internal bubbling vibration. It's even better than real oral sex!

The rose vibrator has a little tongue in the middle of the flower vibrator, and the tongue moves so flexibly, licking the clitoris! This will have you contemplating life plans such as "do I need a man?"