Why Adutoys rabbit vibrator is the best rabbit vibrator?

  • Diverse styles

Our rabbit vibrator has always been well received by female customers. The colors designed are the warm colors that American women like at present, including purple, rose red, red, and pink. A variety of styles include not only the classic G-spot rabbit vibrator, but also thrusting vibrator, jackrabbit vibrator, heating rabbit vibrator, mini rabbit vibrator, and so on.

  • Classic bunny ears

The two ears are designed to clamp the female's most sensitive clitoris. The different vibration modes give women the pleasure of clitoris again and again. Adutoys gave the rabbit vibrator a symbolic image of a cute rabbit. The bunny ears vibrator is no longer just a vibrator, but a symbol of feminine elegance and noble ritual, which give women the most enjoyable care when using rabbit vibrator.

  • 3 in 1 function

   Sucking function

Our rabbit vibrator has designed 5 excellent sucking modes through testing on American women. If you're craving a more intense form of clitoral stimulation, simply turn your vibe around and let the rigid nub work on your sensitive nerve endings, which enables you to experience multiple fabulous sensory simulations.

  Vibration function

Strong vibration stimulation the G-spot and the clitoris. Nipple stimulation, breast massage, anal stimulation, prostate massage to maximize your sexual pleasure. There are as many as 16 diverse vibration modes, which is the most diverse vibration mode among vibrators. Powerful rabbit vibrator’s modes from low to high give women the richest experience of sexual happiness. Also, the vibrating rod can not only vibrate left and right but also stretch 360 degrees up and down, which is provided to women with various ways to enjoy.

  Heating function

The built-in heating core in this vibrator heating up to 107℉. Heating rabbit vibrator warms to a nice and comfortable temperature. This means that the heating function of our vibrator fits the temperature most needed by women's vaginas, and provides the fiery temperature sensation that women combine with a real penis.

  • Large size

The largest size of Adutoys rabbit vibrator is 9 inches long. This size perfectly meets the needs of women's vaginal stimulation G-spot, A-spot, and P-spot stimulation. Compared with the size of a big dildo, large rabbit vibrator’s size is neither too long nor too short. Dual heads rabbit vibrator most realistically imitates the folds and glans on the male penis. The concave and convex lines enhance the stimulation of the dense female vagina.

  • The enjoyment of massage

Our buying customers unanimously think that the rabbit vibrator looks very lovely and does not look like a sex toy at all. They often use the vibration function of the rabbit vibrator to massage their back, legs, and hands at the beginning of foreplay. This is exactly in line with Adutoys customer philosophy, choose love, choose fun. Just feel free to use our sex toys.

How to use a rabbit vibrator in the bathtub+

Step 1: choose a comfortable environment, prepare to ignite a fragrance, and put it in the bathroom to create an atmosphere full of enjoyment.

Step 2: put a moderate amount of water and temperature, and put your favorite rabbit vibrator in the bathtub in advance to combine it with the hydrological temperature.

Step 3: wait for 5 minutes after the amount of water is ready, lie in your bathtub, close your eyes, and massage your ears, neck, legs, and body with a rabbit vibrator first.

Step 4: play with a rabbit vibrator in the bathtub according to your favorite way of masturbation.