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Kegel Balls – Stimulate Your Pelvic And Vagina Completely

 Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls have been used to strengthen vaginal and pelvic muscles for centuries, but this is not the only work that these kegel balls do. Most people prefer to use these balls to spice up their sex life. These sex toys stimulate your vagina and pelvic effectively to provide you with an excellent orgasm, so they are also known as orgasm balls. These balls come in various shapes and sizes, which you can choose according to your preference. Orgasm balls help to contract and release different muscles in your vagina in an easy way to provide you with a better pelvic floor shape.

Orgasm balls often contain two balls that connect with each other with the help of a small string or plastic and a plastic safe that stays out of your vagina to ensure that balls don't get tucked in your vagina. Whether you are single or in a relationship, these orgasm balls help you to enhance your sexual pleasure. If you are planning to use these sex toys for the first time, here is a guide that can assist with how to use these sex toys.

How to use kegel balls 

  1. Wash your hands with a bar of antibacterial soap before using them.

  2. Use a suitable amount of lubes on these orgasm balls; it would be easy to insert them with lubes and also apply some lubes to your vaginal opening. 

  3. After that, lie down in a comfortable position, and the best position for that is spread eagle.

  4. Try to insert the first ball slowly into your vagina, and when the first ball completely enters your vagina, push a little bit more and insert the second ball.

  5. Push those balls as far as you are comfortable with them. 

  6. Tighten your pelvic muscles so that balls cannot escape from your vagina.

  7. Now move them in and out to pleasure yourself.

How to clean these sex toys

  • After masturbating, run them under warm water and wash them with antibacterial hand soap to ensure your safety. 

  • Use a dry clean towel and pat them; try to let them dry from the air and leave them for 1 to 2 hours before storing them.

How to select kegel balls

  • Material – For a better experience, try balls made up of silicon because silicon is very soft and provides a sweet sensation to your vagina.

  • No. of balls – Usually, there are two balls in these toys, but some set comes with three or more than three balls. This is completely up to your preference; penetrated sexual activities are often fun with more than three balls. But if you are new to using these orgasm balls, the basic version with two balls would be ideal for you.

People often seek sex toys to spice up their sexual relationship or solo sexual experiences; these kegel balls are the perfect choice for them. These balls are available in various sizes, larger to small, designed to stimulate different types of vagina. You can easily buy these sex toys online or from a local sex toys shop. 

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