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Clitoral Vibrators - Clit Licking Toy : Page 5

Clitoral Vibrator- Pleasure You G-Spot 

People often seek sex toys to spice up fun in their life; sex toys can be very helpful for getting a quality orgasm. You can use it alone or with your sexual partner sex toys provide you an over-the-moon experience of having sexual pleasure. There are many types of female sex toys for different experiences, such as G-spot vibrators for getting orgasms inside the vagina, Dildos for penetrable pleasure, and G-Spot vibrators for clitoral masturbation. 

What is clitoral masturbation?

Clitoris, shortly known as clit is a part of the body responsible for many sexual orgasms. The clit have many nerve endings per square inch, even most in the whole body part, and the only job of clit is to provide sexual pleasures to female. So when a female or anyone touches clit it makes them super excited about sexual stuff. Rubbing your clit is the easiest way to masturbate; rubbing your vagina will make you moan, which means you are having a good orgasm. The most effective way to turn you on by your G-spot is vibrators. 

G-spot vibrators

Masturbating with a vibrator just hits different as they are specially designed to rub your pussy in an effective way which leaves you with no words. Vibrators have various types of vibrating motors, which helps you to adjust their rhythm according to your need. G-spot vibrators also have many variations, like a vibrator with a tongue which is designed to provide you a feeling like someone is licking your pussy and to increase your sexual excitement; you can also apply lubes on the tongue of the toy. In addition, these vibrators have a suction pump which helps to get attached to pussy. 

Guide on using a clitoral vibrator

  1. If you are masturbating for the first time, just don't use a sex toy yet because it can make you ejaculate very quickly without having any fun. Instead, use your fingers to rub your pussy for the first time and rub it slowly to get more excitement. 

  2. After that, use any licking or sucking vibrator. Then, put the suction pump upon your vagina and start the vibrator slowly for the first time till you get comfortable with a normal speed. Now you can increase your speed till you are fully satisfied with masturbation.

Why cleaning vibrator is necessary 

Cleaning vibrators are the most important thing because the vagina is the most sensitive part of your body, and no one wants to get infected with problems like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. It is also important in conditions like:- 

  • If you switch between the vagina and anal play

  • If you are masturbating with another female 

These things increase the risk of getting problems, so cleaning is the most important step before masturbating again. Don't use antibacterial or strong soaps for cleaning your vibrator because it might increase the risk of infections. Using a normal soap will be enough for cleaning these sex toys.

These sex toys are highly reliable and made up of soft silicone material. These materials provide the real sex feeling while using them because they are very comfortable, and silicon feels realistic.  

Model: huntley-clit-vibrator-3-in-1
Huntley is a palm-sized portable vibrator with 9 strong vibration modes and 9 strong rotating speeds. Any combination of these features can help you easily induce orgasms. This unique 3-in-1 vibrator can function as a dildo and a clitoral stimulation. By yourself, have more fun with Huntley. The rot..
$57.80 $68.00
Ex Tax:$57.80
Model: honey-rabbit-vibrator
The head of this dildo vibrator is rounded and smooth, and it is ergonomically oriented to easily reach your areas. For a combined orgasm, simultaneously stimulate your clit. Beginners will love this rabbit vibrator since it has a silky silicone shaft with ribs for more stimulation.You cannot go wro..
$63.75 $75.00
Ex Tax:$63.75
Model: inhalation-massage-wand-multi-frequency-modes-blowing-vibrator
Model: MC25Functions: 12 modes, 12 frequencies inhaleMaterials: silicone, ABSWeight: 139gSize: LENGTH: 140MM Diameter: 36mmModel: MC22Functions: 12 modes, 12 frequencies inhaleMaterials: silicone, ABSWeight: 316gSize: LENGTH: 160MM Diameter: 38mmModel: MC19Functions: 12 modes, 12 frequencies inhaleM..
$87.28 $102.69
Ex Tax:$87.28
Model: insa-egg-vibrator-with-remote-control
A single powerful motor powers the Insa long oval egg vibrator, which has a wireless remote control, three settings (low to high), and eight different frequency modes.The remote is small and light enough to fit easily into a pocket and is connected to the vibe by a string, so there is no need to wor..
$56.95 $67.00
Ex Tax:$56.95
Model: premium-clitoral-stimulator
The Irresistible's revolutionary sucking sensation has astounded thousands of clitoris owners. The Irresistible's small size gives you the freedom to enjoy relationship play or masturbation wherever you are. This toy, which has a soft silicone tip and a pleasant rounded handle, provides sucking, pul..
$62.05 $73.00
Ex Tax:$62.05
Model: jubilee-clitoral-licking-butterfly
A Jubilee! This adorable toy has been all over social media, and our followers love it for a reason. This smooth, body-safe silicone toy is made to simultaneously stimulate your clitoris and G-Spot. Comparable to a vibrator in the shape of a rabbit, but with the additional stimulation of a real wet,..
$75.65 $89.00
Ex Tax:$75.65
july - multi function clit sucking vibrator july - multi function clit sucking vibrator
Hot -15 %
Model: july-multi-function-clit-sucking-vibrator
The vibrator that stimulates clits As an alien species with one eye and an antenna on top, July has the ability to emit unusual energies at any time. Actually, it can provide you with both sucking and shocking stimulation for the greatest amount of pleasure.Up to 10 vibration modes and 7 sucking mod..
$71.40 $84.00
Ex Tax:$71.40
Model: jumping-egg-remote-sound-g-spot-vagina-vibrator-for-woman
Specifications:Brand: NVTOYSName: Sound Remote vibratorFunctions: Sound, wireless, sound control, electric shock, jump egg, massage, masturbation.Material: Silcione, ABSColor: BlackSize: As the pic showsWaterproof: IP X 7Noise: MuteVibration Modes: 3 kinds of strong vibration modes, 7 kinds of frequ..
$75.13 $88.39
Ex Tax:$75.13
Model: kandy-mini-magic-wand-vibrator
Strong and durable magic wand vibrator with 7 different vibration patterns that you can easily switch between!Rechargeable and portable: It has a straightforward design that is portable to carry and USB rechargeable, allowing you to charge it via plug or computer. Powerful but discrete!FeaturesLuxur..
$62.05 $73.00
Ex Tax:$62.05
Model: le-couplet-wearable-g-spot-and-clit-vibrator-remote
Le Couplet! Despite its intended use in couples, this vibrator can be used in many other ways. Try inserting the smaller head into your body while stimulating your clitoris with the larger head. Designed to heighten the sensations you experience during sex and to arouse you both on the inside and ou..
$69.70 $82.00
Ex Tax:$69.70
Model: leaf-design-silicone-vibrator-for-vagina-g-spot-stimulation
Specification:Item: Wearable VibratorMaterial: SiliconeBattery of Vibrator: Button Battery (Built-in)Noise reduction: 60 dbsWaterproof: Life WaterproofWaterproof so can be enjoyed in the bath or in the showerPackage List:1 x Wearable Vibrator..
$20.98 $24.69
Ex Tax:$20.98
Model: lesparty-tongue-licking-vagina-sucking-rotation-vibrator
Feature:Made from safe, non-toxic materials including premium silicone and ABS.There is a toggle for the 10-cycle scrolling frequency. The first three gears scroll forward at slow, medium, and high speeds, while gears four through seven rotate forth and backward at varying speeds.You can switch betw..
$62.97 $74.09
Ex Tax:$62.97
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