Things You Need To Know About Bullet Virbator

What is a bullet vibrator?

Bullet vibrator is a bullet-shaped mini vibrator for women penetration or stimulating clitoris, nipples, etc. Its shape is a cylindrical bullet, oval bullet, nipple bullet, crown shape bullet, bull shape bullet, lipstick styling bullet. The magic bullet vibrator can be used directly or inserted into other sex toys for increased stimulation. For example, it can be used with a sex doll. If you are a beginner looking for your first vibrator, the magic bullet vibrator is strongly recommended to you!

Why choose Adutoy's bullet vibrator for women?

Powerful vibration:

Adutoys' bullet vibrator has a strong motor vibration, so when it stimulates the clitoris, vagina, anus, ears, nipples, etc., the stimulation is more intense.

Mini size but cute:

The smallest size can reach 2.72in*0.73in, and the weight is only 80g. You can buy the small bullet vibrator, which is easy to carry and is the most popular vibrator for women.

Low noise:

The vibration and noise of Adutoys bullet vibrator are very small, no more than 40db. It is equivalent to whispering in your ear, creating a relaxed atmosphere so that women's masturbation can quickly reach orgasm.

100% waterproof:

Adutoys bullet vibrator is IPX7 waterproof all over. The excellent water resistance allows you to spend a pleasant time with a bullet vibrator in the underwater world, especially in the bathtub.

Cheap price:

The price of Adutoys bullet vibrator is no more than 30 dollars, but our quality is very good. Our sex toys are loved by users, and we have long-term cooperation with Onlyfans, YouTube blogger, Pornhub, and Xvideo.

What are the classifications of bullet vibrators?+

The types of vibrators are various, including golden bullet vibrator, detachable bullet vibrator, strong bullet vibrator, rose vibrator, long bullet vibrator, anal bullet vibrator, clitoral vibrators, rabbit vibrators, thrusting vibrators, condom vibrator, app vibrator. Among them, a bullet vibrator is the best choice for beginners who use a vibrator sex toy.

How to choose the best bullet vibrator for you?+

The first is practicality. Our bullet vibrator can quickly make women get awesome sex pleasure. The second is the appearance of women's vibrator. Before designing our products, we have investigated millions of American women's love of the appearance of sex toys. The third is price. Adutoys vision is to make sex toys affordable for all customers.

How to use a bullet vibrator to please ourselves?+

  • Use the magic bullet vibrator on the sensitive body

Almost beginners start directly on the clit, but this is not the best place to start. Try to press the magic bullet vibrator against the erogenous zones like your ears, neck, nipples, anus, or other sensitive areas to make your clitoris wet.

  • Softly stimulate clitoris

After two steps of PRE stimulation, it's time to masturbate the place you want most. Try each vibrating mode if you have the choices, Adutoys suggests starting from a soft mode, then gradually stronger the vibration step by step.

  • For men and women

Men and women can use a soft fell bullet vibrator. When men and women use it, it can be used to stimulate multiple sensitive parts of their body, while men can use it to stimulate their nipples, testicles, penis, anus, and other positions.

Tips: clean the vibrator after use, store it after it has been dried.