F&Q About Automatic Male Masturbator

Masturbators are now available in all shapes, designs, colors and price ranges. Still, they all have the same use: to make masturbation as varied and realistic as possible for men. And the automatic male masturbator is obviously a revolutionary design for males. Generally, automatic strokers are used by singles or couples to give a stimulation, while others use automatic strokers as penis erection helpers. Here Adutoys has a complete guide for buying automatic strokers.

What is an automatic male masturbator?+

An automatic male masturbator is a masturbator toy for men. It can move up and down automatically, stimulating the penis. If you want to get an orgasm but do not want to use your hand? Welcome to the wonderful world of Adutoys automatic strokers ! Insert the penis into the automatic male masturbator and lean back, you can adjust the speed and intensity yourself.

At Adutoys , you have several options including shower masturbator, blow job masturbators, vacuum masturbator, electric male masturbator, lip-shaped masturbator, vagina masturbator etc., all of our male masturbators are the best male masturbation toys! Of course, you can find the best male masturbation toys that meet your requirements!

Is a Adutoys automatic male masturbator right for me?+

Do you wanna free your hands while masturbating? Do you value versatility in masturbation? Then an automatic male masturbator from Adutoys is just right for you. The possibilities are limitless. Some automatic strokers can rotate and thrust, some automatic strokers can vibrate powerfully, while others can squeeze to provide a different stimulation. Most of our automatic strokers have a realistic vagina design, while others are modeled with a tongue! You will enjoy yourself with the masturbator sex with our brand Adutoys .

How does an automatic male masturbator feel?+

Adutoys automatic male masturbator feels like real sex because the artificial skin is in no way inferior to natural skin. Made of high-quality soft silicone, with a realistic 3D texture inner side design, you can make your wildest fantasies come true. While putting the power button on, the automatic male masturbator starting moving. The automatic male masturbator vibrates, thrusts, rotates or squeezes in various modes from soft to powerful, you must be amazed by its fantastic stimulation! Here you can buy automatic strokers incredibly cheap in Adutoys !

How to Choose an automatic male masturbator?+

However, before buying an automatic male masturbator, We should observe a few simple things to achieve full pleasure.

  • Figure out your preference

First of all, of course, you should be clear about what your particular preferences are. Which is your ideal color of the automatic strokers? Which function do you need? What’s the best price for you?

Let yourself be inspired by the extensive range in our shop and look at what appeals to you optically.

  • Make it clear - penis size

You should also know the dimensions of your penis so that you buy the right size. Although most automatic strokers in Adutoys are suitable for almost penis, you should pay attention to the product introduction, because unsuitable size may cause uncomfortable experience when masturbating.

  • Material is important

Also, pay attention to the material and make sure that you do not have any allergies. Soft silicone would not be wrong for you, auto strokers made by high-quality silicone can be soft, smooth and no smell, which is body-safe and feels like real skin.

  • Other Features

Besides those things above, what are the other features of an automatic male masturbator you care about?

Easy cleaning is an essential factor. The automatic male masturbator must be thoroughly cleaned after each used to prevent bacterial infestation and ensure a long service life for your masturbator.

Duration of an automatic male masturbator is another essential factor. Besides the well maintenance after purchasing, the durable material is also an important factor.

All in all, think clear before buying an automatic male masturbator. Compared with other sex toys like penis pumps, cockrings, auto strokers is pretty expensive, so it’s not bad to select your best male masturbator cautiously.

How to use an automatic male masturbator+

For Solo Enjoyment:

Automatic male masturbator gives a realistic feeling with a 3D texture imitate real human vagina, it is better than the stimulation by hands.

Choose a right one for yourself and put on some lubricants both to the stroker and your erection, making sure you’re getting a smooth massage.

Once have the lube on, begin to enjoy your journey. Start from stimulating the penis head softly, enter the automatic male masturbator when you’re ready.

Switch to different modes, feeling the various sensations.

Control your ejaculation with different frequencies, absolutely you can find the special feeling you’ve never experienced.

For Couples Fun:

Can you take your partner reach the top every time? Can you make a hard reaction every time when she wants? If you’re not sure, Adutoys automatic male masturbator can help a lot.

  • Use automatic male masturbator before sex

Automatic male masturbator is your personal penis trainer. Train your cock with masturbator stimulation, it can help you get harder, stronger and erection longer. What’s more, use it to erect faster if your partner are in a hurry.

  • Use automatic male masturbator if you don’t have enough stimulation

Most couples cannot get an orgasm at the same time, usually there would be one who hasn’t reached the top while the other one is ready to over the journey. If your girlfriend comes faster than you, just use the automatic male masturbator to satisfy you.

  • Let your partner hold the stroker

You can feel stronger stimulation both on psychological and Physical if your partner hold a masturbator toy for you! Try it, and you'll know I’m not cheating you.


How to clean an automatic male masturbator?+

Do you think sex toys should be cleaned? Like you can’t ignore wearing dirty clothes, you can’t ignore the dirty sex toys.

When it comes to male sex toys, especially auto strokers, it is an essential thing. The automatic male masturbator is the thing you put your penis in, so you can’t neglect to clean it before and after use. Well, the process of how to clean an automatic male masturbator is totally different from how to wash your penis.

1. Why we need to clean the masturbator toy?

2. Find out what material your masturbator toy is?

3. What kind of masturbator toy?

4. How to Wash it

  4.1Remove Vibrating parts

  4.2Rinse in water

  4.3Use Soap water

  4.4Wash off

  4.5Wipe out

Why we need to clean the masturbator toy?

To make the automatic male masturbator remain in perfect condition for a long time, clean your sex toy thoroughly after a masturbator sex is the key point!

Moreover, without thoroughly cleaning after using, bacteria will breed on the surface with an unimaginable speed. It might not end your life but absolutely has influences as uncomfortable experience.

Therefore, clean the auto strokers before and after use is essential.

What the material is?

  • Cyberskin, TPE, Rubber or Latex, etc.

Automatic strokers made by porous material is easy to hold the wetness but also easy to breed bacteria, so it needs extra care and has to be washed carefully.

  • Silicone material

Automatic strokers made by silicone is more expensive than porous material toys, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to be washed, but it’s quite easier to wash these kinds of automatic strokers.

How to Wash it?

Taking 10-15 minutes to wash it carefully.

1. Remove the silicone inner material if you can

2. Rinse the silicone part in the water, but do not rinse it if it is not removable

3. Using soap to wash it carefully

4. Rewash it with water. Wash it until the foam and slipperiness of soap does not disappear.


Top 3 Automatic Strokers in Adutoys 2022+

#1 Adutoys Rotating Hands Free Male Masturbator for Men


1. 3-5 days fast shipping to us areas

2. It is a hands free masturbator, and it’s also called as shower masturbator. You can use it in the bathroom, it can be fixed on any smooth surface such as the wall, the floor, the chair, etc.

3. This electric male masturbator has multiple functions including vibrating, rotating & thrusting, adding a whole new dimension to masturbation.

4. Superior Material - High quality soft silicone, smooth and body-safe.

5. If you are seeking for cheap sex toys for men, this one would be your best choice. The lowest price of similar automatic strokers on the marketing.

#2 Hands Free Thrusting Male Masturbator


1. 3-5 days fast shipping to us areas

2. Upgrade strong motor, 1200rmp run speed.

3. This automatic male masturbator can be hold in hands, but it’s also a hands free masturbator.

4. 5 frequency thrusting modes & 3 lifelike sexy female moans.

5. This automatic male masturbator is flexible, and it can move 150°.

#3 Adutoys Male Masturbator | Automatic Thrusting & Rotating